Flawless Makeup Before and After Makeover https://fantabulosity.com
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A FANTABULOUS Find…My Hair and Makeup “New Love!”

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Flawless Makeup Before and After Makeover https://fantabulosity.com

I’m all about good finds.  Ok ok… fantabulous finds. There’s nothing better than finding something that you can no longer live without and being able to share it with the world. Besides… what would be fun about keeping it to yourself?

It all started when I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed, and I saw a post from a photographer that I follow… showing GORGEOUS gals, with “flawless,” looks. I was immediately on a mission. I had to find out how to make myself that beautiful, like… right. now. It didn’t take long until I got my answer, and I found the “fantabulous find,” that I was looking for.

Flawless Makeup

Jennifer, a freelance makeup artist, based out of St. Louis Missouri, will do “on-site,” hair and makeup for weddings/events, and even have you over to her studio to do your hair and makeup for anything you want to get “beautified,” for!

I reached out to her the day I found her, asked if she would be able to do my makeup for an upcoming family photo shoot that we were having, and she got me on her schedule pronto.

First impression=amazing.

So the day finally came to visit Jennifer, and when I arrived, I totally sat in the parking lot and took a “before,” photo of myself, without makeup on, so I could compare the “after,” when I left. Who doesn’t love before and after’s?

Before the makeover https://fantabulosity.com

When I walked in to the Flawless Makeup studio, it was like I walked in to my own. I immediately felt like I had a long-lost sister.

I mean really… look at the wall décor in her studio, and look at the walls in my mine:


Hair and Makeup by Flawless Makeup https://fantabulosity.com


Home Office Studi-Fantabulosity

(See my home office tour here!)

A tad similar, right?

Jennifer had me sit down, and while she got to work on my face, I was so curious to hear her background and find out how she became so talented! Lucky you, she says it in a nutshell on her “about,” page, on her site! You’ll also get to see a photo of her, and see how stunning she is!!

We had so much fun chatting, that before I knew it…she spun me around and said she was finished. Really? That quick? I could have sat there for hours. She is quite possibly one of the sweetest people I have ever met…and don’t get me started on how talented the gal is. Pa-lease.

So the “after?” I was shocked. For the first time in my life, I took this selfie and sent it to my husband, actually excited about the way that I looked. His response, “You. Are. Beautiful.” (That my friends, made my day, and knew I had a “new love,” and would be going back again and again.)

After the hair and makeup makeover https://fantabulosity.com

 So what all did Jennifer do that day, that I loved so much!?

  • She immediately asked me if there was anything that I did or did not want her to do. My answer? “Do whatever… after seeing your work, I totally trust you.”
  • She did an “airbrush,” look, on my makeup. I had never had that done before, and I was extremely happy with it!
  • She introduced me to a “curling wand,” and taught me how to create beach waves. However… I was so taken back by my makeup, I couldn’t hardly concentrate on what she was telling me, when she was teaching me how to create the waves. So… I just picked up on bits and pieces of her tips, and I’m still trying to figure it out. 🙂
  • Overall… Jennifer was a breath of fresh air, with a great personality, extremely amazing talent, and someone that I will forever want to keep in my “beauty,” rolodex.

I can’t thank her enough for fixing me up, for our family photos, and my new “headshot,” for Fantabulosity!

====> Here are a few shots from the shoot that evening, with a special thanks to Roussin Photography too!

Fantabulosity-Lifestyle Blog https://fantabulosity.com

Now… what do you think?  I’m thinking of taking her up on the private makeup lessons that she offers, and learn how to do it myself… and sharing some of those tips with you! Would you like to hear some of her hair/makeup tips?

If you’re local, or even if you’re not… I HIGHLY recommend going to Flawless Makeup to have your hair and makeup done for any reason at all! Date night, family pictures, your wedding…just because.

Follow her on her Facebook page, or simple visit her website and get in touch with her: Flawless Makeup


4 thoughts on “A FANTABULOUS Find…My Hair and Makeup “New Love!”

  1. Sherry Martindale says:

    You look gorgeous! !!

    1. Jessica says:

      Awww! Thank you Sherry!

  2. Jackie S says:

    I love the flawless makeup (makeover). You look incredible. However, you looked just as pretty without the makeup!

    1. Jessica says:

      You’re so sweet! Thank you so much!! XO!

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