How to safeguard your car for on-the-go
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How to Safeguard your Car for On-the-Go Families

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How to Safeguard your Car for On-the-Go Families: Easy ways to prepare your car for accidental messes, and kiddo clutter, when you’re always on the GO!

Hey mommas! Team #BoyMom here today, with a post to help you safeguard your car (second home for some of us moms) when you’re always on the GO! When the temperature warms up around here, you cannot keep us inside.  We’ve been cooped up all winter and we are so ready to roll.

Whether it’s a trip to Daddy’s job site playing in the dirt…

How to Safeguard your car, on the go

fishing on the farm…

how to safeguard your car

or a pitstop for ice cream…

how to safeguard your car for on-the-go

my car HAS to be ready to keep the messy chaos and germ-fighting, under control.

How to safeguard your car for on-the-go

Call me Crazy

I recently bought a new car, and call me crazy… but I really, really wanted a white car with tan cloth interior. Perhaps it’s because I like a challenge? (Boy + Dirt = Heaven)

So while shopping around, I made a list of ways to safeguard my new car and prepare it for “boy-mom-life.”  Today, I’m going to share with you what steps I took and currently take, to try and keep my car from being overtaken by our summer activities, and how to be prepared for last minute activities.

No Soap and Water? No Problem…

The VERY first thing that I make sure that my car is safeguarded with, is Wet Ones® Hand Wipes.  If you’re like me, I’m sure eating out is on the menu at least ONCE a week. Yes?  More times than not, it’s a quick run through the drive-thru after an activity and before the next.

Keeping Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes in my car (in the console for me, in the seat organizer, AND in the trunk), we are clear for on-the-go take off.  They’re handy, in-reach, and perfect for hand cleaning when we’ve been out and about.

How to safeguard your car on-the-go

I feel totally “on my game,” and have a peace of mind, when I’m able to get those hands clean and germ free before digging into their snack or grab-and-go dinner.  Plus, when I see little boy hands covered in dirt + mud, I can easily wipe them off before getting back in the car.

How to safeguard your car for on-the-go

I use Wet Ones® Hand Wipes singles for the handy-quick moments, and have the canister in the trunk organizer in … you guessed it, my trunk.

How to safeguard your car on-the-go

How to safeguard your car on the go

How to safeguard your car on the go

I like using Wet Ones® Hand Wipes more than hand sanitizers, because not only do they clean better, they’re gentle on my skin.  Plus, there’s moisturizing aloe inside each wipe!

How to safeguard your car for summer and be prepared

Clean can be Cute…

I’ll admit, my guilty pleasure is a fountain drink, latte, or iced coffee, when I’m out and about.  But it seems like there’s always some sort of mess that comes from my drinks, and it always ends up in the bottom of my car’s cup holders.  While browsing Pinterest one day, I saw that someone used silicone cupcake liners in their cup holders, and thought it was GENIUS!

So, here we are.  Did I have to find hot pink liners? Well no. But did I? Heavens yes. Aren’t they cute?

Then, when a drink has a little spillage, all I have to do is remove the cupcake liner and dump it out and plop it back in! No trying to wipe the sticky mess out of the cracks of the cup holder.

SOOO cute! Silicone cupcake liners for the cup holders in the car!

I’m one of those…

Do you remember how the older generation used to leave the plastic on their new furniture at home?  Yeah, I’m totally one of those. I’d leave those on everything new if I could.  (But my husband tends to follow around behind me, yanking the plastic off.)

Any who, when I bought the new car, I immediately knew that some type of “seat protection,” would have to be used in order to keep them in the best condition.  So off I went, and I found a seat cover that latches on behind the head rest. The car seat sits right on top of it, and I feel a lot better about those random dirt-pile stops at daddy’s work now.

Seat liner for the car! It looks sleek!

Love this seat cover! It looks sleek and perfect for the kids

No, I didn’t stop there…

Now, this little hack won’t ALWAYS work, but I wanted to give it a try for a while at least.  For the spaces of the seat that the seat cover doesn’t protect, I grabbed a simple dish towel and tucked it in to the seat cracks. It doesn’t hold it in place perfectly, but it still acts as a barrier for accidental spills, melted chocolate, and anything else that follows us home.

Lay a towel down to help protect the seats in the car

You can see all of the little crumbs my kiddos has already left behind there on his seat cover! Little turkey.

Don’t forget the trunk…

The trunk tends to be the place to hold the REALLY messy stuff, right?!  (At least in my car it does.)  So I didn’t want to forget that part.  The trunk lining isn’t tan like the seats in the car, but I still want to protect it from anything that could be wet, sticky, or smelly.  So this plastic trunk liner works wonders!

Trunk Liner to protect the trunk floor in a car

Then, as mentioned earlier, I keep a canister of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes in the trunk for those messy moments that may require more than one wipe.

Wet Ones for on the go clean up

I keep the canister in the trunk organizer, along with small tools that I may need, and other emergency supplies!

Trunk Organization

It’s Just a Car…

I know it’s just a car, and I know that I won’t be able to prevent every mess on the planet, but if I can help control the mess even a little, I’m happy for that!

Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Summer Fun Giveaway… Say Whaaat!?

As I mentioned earlier, Wet Ones® sponsored this post on how to safeguard your car for on-the-go families.  I’m tickled to tell you that they’ve also decided to share with you the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Summer Fun Giveaway!

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My Favorite Facts about Wet Ones® Hand Wipes:

  • The antibacterial wipes kill 99.99% of germs.
  • Tough on dirt and germs, but gentle on skin.
  • Convenient 2-in-1 way to wipe out dirt and messes when water isn’t readily available.
  • Moisturizing aloe inside each wipe, making them easy on skin for even the littlest of hands.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cleans better than hand sanitizers.

Thank you SO much for popping over to read my tips on how to protect your car from messes when you’re on-the-go this summer!  What do you do to protect your car?  I’d love to hear some other ideas!

how to organize a new car and keep clean

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