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My Sanity Saving Phone Hacks + My Life Saving Walgreens App

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My Sanity Saving Phone Hacks + My Life Saving Walgreens App

This post is sponsored by Walgreens and SheKnows Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Phone tricks and hacks are life and sanity savers as a busy mom on the go, especially when it comes to filling prescriptions for my family, getting the necessities, and capturing memories in the process.

What in the world did we do without our smart phones years ago?

I’ll never forget when I unwrapped my first cell phone on Christmas morning, about 15 years ago. You should have seen this thing – it was huge and you could literally only dial a phone number on it, but I truly thought it was the best thing ever.

Fast forward to today, and I feel like my whole life is on my smart phone.

Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite phone hacks and apps, that I literally consider lifesavers and sanity saving features that I can’t live without.

My Sanity Saving Phone Hacks

Walgreens app - using the app on a monthly basis for prescription organization

1. Walgreens App

I literally consider the Walgreens App a lifesaving app for me. If you’ve been following me for some time, then you know that my son has epilepsy. With this comes a daily medication that we get filled each month. If he doesn’t have it, the chance of him having another seizure increases dramatically.

So as a busy mama, who, as you know, has a TON going on right now, having the Walgreens App to keep me on schedule with his medication is crucial.

Not only do I love that our Walgreens is open 24 hours for those moments when I need to pick up the prescription in the evening, but also that they offer a free app that has incredibly awesome features like:

  • prescription refills
  • health services
  • shop products
  • photo
  • Weekly Ad & Coupons

…to help make errands much easier, and so much more organized. Let me show you what I mean:

Iphone hacks to save busy mom sanity


Refill by Scan – I think this is my favorite feature when it comes to prescriptions on the app. You can refill prescriptions simply by scanning your Rx label. It’s that easy. Here, I’ll show you how to do it…

Walgreens app and life saving phone tricks

Enable your camera and center your barcode in the rectangle. It detects the information that it needs, and then you can choose to refill it!

walgreens prescription app is a life saver for medicine refills

Rx Status & History – This section lets you view your medication history at a glance and refill medications right from your account!

Walgreens App reviews and l

Pill Reminder – Here’s what I mean about this app literally being a life saver. Life can get busy and life can get tough. Setting reminders for my son’s medications so he never misses a dose is crucial for me. I’m so thankful for this little extra reminder to keep me on track and for helping me make sure that my little guy gets what he needs, when he needs it.

Health Services

Walgreens app review - health services

Find care now – Sure, we can tend to run to our search engines to find answers with what we need. However, when it comes to health care and health services, having something that can give you a more customized experience is priceless.

Find care for common conditions right from your phone and schedule a visit in person with this section of the app.

Photo Services

walgreens photo app review - sanity photo organization

Print photos from your phone – Remember how I mentioned being a “busy mom”? Well, as I’m sure you can relate, being a busy mom can leave little time for following through with the precious moments that we capture. However, the Walgreens App lets you order prints right from your phone for FREE Same Day Pickup at your nearest Walgreens. I MAAAY or may not have utilized this at the last minute on Christmas, when I totally kept forgetting to print that photo for a family member who had been asking me for months to get one for her.

Cards, Gifts and Décor – For real. Did you know this? You can create Photo Cards and invitations, Photo Books, and décor items like Metal Panels, Custom Floating Frames and Canvas Prints right from your phone for FREE Same Day Pickup. I thought I could only do that with online stores that took weeks to get my items delivered. Yaaaas!

FREE Same Day Pickup – Yes. For real. This applies to all photo products available in the Walgreens App. So, if you find yourself needing something at the last minute, or just love the convenience of being able to get it pronto, then you’ll LOVE this feature.

Weekly Ad & Coupons

Weekly ads and coupons on the app

Now I KNOW how much you all love a good deal like I do. The Walgreens App also offers:

Paperless Coupons – You can add paperless coupons to your Balance® Rewards account for automatic savings, in store and online.

Weekly Ad – Browse the weekly ad from your phone and the paperless coupons you want right to your Balance® Rewards account.

Clip by Scan – My favorite part about this service? You can scan barcodes while you shop to add matching paperless coupons to your Balance® Rewards account and redeem them automatically when you enter your Balance® Rewards account information at checkout. Instant savings!

Download the Walgreens App Too!

The Walgreens App is FREE to download and is supported on Android and iOS platforms across phone, tablet and smartwatch devices. You can download it HERE!

Walgreens Social Platforms to Stay Up to Date!




Other Favorite Phone Hacks and Tricks

phone hacks and tricks

2. Emergency/Favorites Contacts

Not only does this feature on my phone make it easy for me to whip my phone out and call those that I touch base with often, but I like to think that if something were to happen to me, someone would see who is in my emergency/favorites list and call someone on my list to notify them, instead of scrolling through the hundreds of contacts in my phone.

3. Change Unlock Code

Do you all have a feature to add a security code to your phone, in order to open it? I change this often. Why? Because my kids will secretly watch me unlock my phone, learn the code, and get in to my phone quicker than a professional thief can pick a lock!

So, what’s the big deal about them getting in to my phone?

  • They’ve been known to remove apps, and all of their contents.
  • The little stinkers can erase notes I’ve had stored in my phone that are important.
  • And, of course, delete photos that I cherish.

Whether you’re changing your unlock code to protect your phone’s contents or changing it so that someone you don’t want to have access to it can’t get into it, doing so often is a good habit.

4. Track Your Loved Ones

I get it. It sounds creepy. It sounds controlling and obsessive. However, whether you’re a worried parent, son/daughter, or spouse, the tracking feature can really help with the anxiety you may be facing when someone is out and about.

There are a couple of loved ones that I track or have tracked (don’t worry, they know about it), which makes me sleep better at night. If they don’t answer their phone for a few hours, when they typically always have their phone on them, it’s so nice to track them and see that they’re probably not answering because they’re somewhere that normally doesn’t get great phone service.

I use the feature that my phone automatically comes with – I go into my text messages, click on the “i” in the upper righthand corner, and check my loved one’s current location. (You must turn this on and make sure they’ve allowed it from their phone as well in order to be able to see the location.)

5. Export Notes

Remember that tidbit about my kids being able to break into my phone? Well, when I make it a habit to occasionally export/upload the important notes or items in my phone, I feel better knowing that if I lose my phone or if my kids get ahold of it, most of the contents are stored safely somewhere else.

I’ll make sure to go through, organize, sort, and upload them to the cloud so they’re safe, no matter what happens!

6. Screen Recording

My sister is a genius. She sent me a text the other day and warned me that she was about ready to blow my mind. She sent me a video of a screen recording of her phone. YES! Where has this been all my life? If you’ve known about this for a while, I’m so ashamed that I haven’t known about it too!

This is a game changer. There have been many times when I have wanted to show someone who wasn’t with me how to do something on the phone or to explain in more detail what I’m looking at on my phone.

For instance, if I’m trying to explain how to find a specific page on my blog, I’ll turn on my phone’s screen recording and record a quick video showing exactly how to find it!

How to do a Screen Recording:

No fear. I’m going to create a blog post on this very soon, because it’s well overdue. I just don’t want to overwhelm you with TOO much good information in one day. Look for that blog post, coming soon!


What’s Your Favorite Phone App/Hack?

In our Creating Your Happy Facebook group, I asked you all the other day what your favorite apps are. If you’re not part of that group, we’d love to have you there… and we’d love to hear what your favorite apps are! Join that group HERE!

Then don’t forget to download the Walgreens App to add more organization and sanity saving tricks to your phone and life!

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4 thoughts on “My Sanity Saving Phone Hacks + My Life Saving Walgreens App

  1. I love the Walgreens app!! It makes life so much easier! 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      I totally agree!! Thank you Jennifer! XO

  2. Kimberly says:

    I didn’t even know about this app. I love how convenient it is – awesome and thanks for sharing!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh good!! You’re so welcome! Thank YOU for coming by! XO

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