A Sip of Home, Cozy up by the fireplace with a Cup of Gold Peak Coffee https://fantabulosity.com

A “Sip of Home”…Cozy Up with Gold Peak Coffee

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I received free product for this post. All feelings and obsession with coffee, is my own.


I have a love affair. Yeah… it’s true.

I have a love affair every time I cozy up on the couch in the mornings, with my cup of coffee. My two little boys are sound asleep, and the hubby has left early for work. The house is quiet, the fireplace is on, and I stare out of the wall of windows at the rest of the world. It’s a moment in my day, as a stay-at-home mom, that I look forward to. Take the cup of coffee out of the equation… and you can forget the “love affair,” feeling. It’s something about that warm cup of joe that assures me, it’s going to be a good day.

So when Georgia Coffee {now Gold Peak Coffee} heard that I was a coffee lover, I was invited to experience a “sip of home.” I’m so glad that I did….

A Sip of Home, Cozy up by the fireplace with a Cup of Gold Peak Coffee https://fantabulosity.com

Starting my day out, making a list of my “to-do’s,” seems a little less overwhelming with a good coffee by my side.

As a stay-at-home mom, and blogger, you may see me refill my coffee cup two or three times throughout the day. Taking in that “sip of home,” of Gold Peak Coffee, reassures me that it will continue to be a good day, and that warm and cozy feeling, protects my sanity of the daunting day to day tasks, like picking toys up for the 5 billionth time. {Am I right?}


A Sip of Home, while you work... with Gold Peak Coffee https://fantabulosity.com

Now that Gold Peak Coffee is available in new markets, I’m so excited to be able to get it more often! I may be a stay-at-home mom, but “staying home,” is a rare occasion. Preschool outings, grocery shopping, business dinners out with the hubby … the list goes on. Being able to take my “sip of home,” with me on the run, or to be able to enjoy it at a numerous amount of restaurants, it gives me the confidence and warm, cozy feeling that I can conquer the “mom-on-the-go,” tasks of the day.

A new love... GOLD PEAK COFFEE https://fantabulosity.com

So although the majority of every day is taking care of the kiddos, blogging, or running errands…I can carry on that “Sip of Home,” feeling that I love so much every morning during my alone time, throughout the day, no matter how crazy or busy life can get. I honestly believe that everyone should let themselves enjoy something everyday that they love. The world just may be a better place if they all had 3 or 4 cups of Gold Peak Coffee a day. 🙂

 Am I alone? Please tell me that you love coffee as much as I do?

{This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Gold Peak Coffee. All opinions and commentary are my own!}

One thought on “A “Sip of Home”…Cozy Up with Gold Peak Coffee

  1. Sherry Martindale says:

    I truly do love coffee!! It for so many reasons. I think one of the main reasons is the smell of it brewing reminds me of both my Mom and my Grandmother. They always kept a pot of coffee brewing for guests or just to drink throughout their day as I grew up. I still to this day feel a sense of home and comfort when I smell a pot of coffee brewing. 🙂

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