Spring Cleaning with Toddlers
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Spring Cleaning With Toddlers

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Spring Cleaning with Toddlers: How to make the dreaded cleaning day, an exciting event, for the whole family!

If you have little ones at home, or have had little ones at home, then you’ve probably experienced “joy,” when you saw them fold wash rags for the first time, or sweep the floor. (It doesn’t last long, so hang on to those moments, right?)  But as a parent of toddlers, you’ve more than likely experienced trying to clean with toddlers. What’s the quote about that???

Cleaning house with toddlers, is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreo’s?

Yeah… that.

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

So in order to get “Spring Cleaning,” accomplished in my house of toddlers, I figured it was time to get creative. I decided to make our “Spring Cleaning,” day, an event! Almost like a “party,” in their eyes. We talked about it for days, leading up to the the “event,” and talked about what we were going to do! The excitement was building…

Turn the music on in the house…loud!

Have a dance party every time we finished a chore.

Each have our own rags, and cleaning solution. (Vinegar & Water)

Get the carpets wet. (Which to me was, simply cleaning the carpets, but the boys couldn’t wrap their heads around why it would be ok to get the carpet wet for a change!)

… and so much more.

It was finally time, and Spring Cleaning day arrived! I’ll run you through the items I let my toddlers help with, so you can have your own Spring Cleaning “Party,” with your toddlers!

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

#1 – Open Those Windows: First things first. It’s Spring. Open those windows!!! Nothing better than getting some fresh air circulating through the house, right!?

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

#2 – Spray Bottle & Rag Ownership: The boys couldn’t WAIT to get their own spray bottles and rags. I let them spray their own “cleaner,” (which happened to be a kid-safe mixture of vinegar and water), and let them go to town, wiping the glass on the windows and doors down. I must mention that my little boys thought the smell of the vinegar, added to the fun. They love saying “Ew,” “Stinks,” and “It smells like (fill in the blank.)”

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

#3 – Laundry: Yeah, I know laundry has to be done all year around… but it’s the perfect day to wash those “not-so-important,” items that rarely get washed, and let your toddlers fold them, AND put them away!

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

#4 – Getting the Carpet Wet: Oh how I had NO idea how much my kids would love this one. I suppose I could have told them to “Stay off of the carpet,” after I cleaned the carpets, but the little stinkers thought it was so fun to run through, getting their socks wet. They even helped me operate the carpet cleaner, and LOVED watching the water suck back up in to it, and watch how it turned brown. GROSS! It’s shockingly disgusting how dirty carpets get, right!?

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

I recently received a new BISSELL ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner, so I was chompin’ at the bit to whip it out. My husband hasn’t liked the idea of me having a carpet cleaner again, because I tend to obsess about the reality of how gross our carpets get… so I end up wanting to shampoo (get the carpet wet) once a week. I guess it’s not his favorite when he comes home after a long day, and walks across the carpet, only to find his socks soaking wet! 😉

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

Ok… so no… I don’t have a pet. So why would I get a “Pet,” Carpet Cleaner? Well frankly my friends, I’m potty training a toddler, and haven’t cleaned my carpets since the last potty training toddler. So my toddlers can really do some damage on some carpet, if I’m not on my “Hurry, run to the potty,” game. (Get what I’m saying here?) So I figured I needed something geared toward the messiest, of messes. 2X Pet Stain & Odor Remover, Professional Pet Urine Eliminator Formula, Pet Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer, and all. The BISSELL Scotchgard™ formulas are perfect for high-traffic areas, kiddo spots and stains, cleaning your carpets effectively!

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

I’m so incredibly embarrassed to show you how disgusting our carpet was. This, my friends, is why I become obsessed with wanting to clean my carpets all of the time. Once I see just how nasty it gets… I want to keep it from getting that way again. Can you see it? There on the left is the “before,” and the right is only ONE pass through with the BISSELL Carpet Cleaner.

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

PLEASE tell me that I’m not the only one that gets goosebumps when I see streaks in my carpets, after I’m all finished? 

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

#5 – Sweeping: While out shopping one day, I found a small broom that I knew my boys would love. When they see mom sweeping, they think that they have to join in, and I’m all about the “fun,” behind letting them help sweet up messes. Grab a small broom (to use even all year around) and let them go to work.

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

#6 – Have Fun: Although I ADORE having clean carpets, clean windows, and all sorts of Spring cleaning items complete (some that my toddlers didn’t get to help out with)… there’s nothing better than making it a FUN event with my kiddos. Make up a rule that every time you finish a spring cleaning chore, you must have a dance party! My kids LOVED this, and looked forward to finishing the next chore. Plus… I got a pretty good workout in. 😉

My kids love watching videos of our every day life, so occasionally I’ll secretly set up the camera, to hopefully catch precious moments like these…

I hope your Spring cleaning is a lot more fun this year, and you get a TON done, by enlisting in some “help,” from the littles.

More on the BISSELL ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner:

Visit BISSELL.com or retailers nationwide to find the carpet cleaner that I use now, or to find one that fits your carpet cleaning need! I like the new BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet, because it helps you tackle the toughest stains. It has two cleaning settings, the deep clean mode for tougher stains and the express clean mode—leaving carpets dazzling and dry in just one hour. Its lightweight, maneuverable body will leave carpets looking and smelling springtime-fresh. Friends… I did the deep clean mode. It was so necessary. 

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