Stitch Fix Reviews: April 2016 Spring Stitch Fix Unboxing Video Fantabulosity Jessica Burgess
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Stitch Fix Review April 2016 Unboxing

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Stitch Fix Review April 2016: Stitch Fix Reviews are BY FAR one of my favorite things to do. All from seeing that little box pop-up on my doorstep, to looking forward to the next one!

As if Spring wasn’t something to get excited about already, I’m craving some 2016 Spring fashion in my life at the moment. More than likely that’s because I think I need a new wardrobe every year, to brighten my closet up with fun Spring colors. 🙂 Don’t tell my husband.

Stitch Fix Reviews: April 2016 Spring Stitch Fix Unboxing Video Fantabulosity Jessica Burgess

Well you know I’m a mad-lover of Stitch Fix, and since this is so… I request to receive it every two weeks. If they had an every week option, I’d probably be all over it. If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, I totally recommend it. For the busy mom that doesn’t have time to get to the mall, to the gal who loves fashion, but can’t quite put pieces together… Stitch Fix can come to your rescue. It has mine, for SURE. For both of those reasons, actually.

Stitch Fix Review April 2016 Unboxing Video

If you’ve been following along on my Stitch Fix journey, then you know that I recently started creating “Unboxing Videos,” AND “Try-On Videos,” of my fixes. You all spoke up, and told me what you wanted to see, so I’ve made that happen. I think doing two videos for one fix, is super fun too!

So let’s roll on with it… shall we?  Action…

To see my other Stitch Fix reviews, you can start here… starting with the most recent fix first.

Stay tuned for my April 2016 Stitch Fix Try-On Video, in a couple of days, where I’ll show you my outfits actually “on,” and you can help me decide what works and what doesn’t! 🙂

My Pearl Necklace:

A lot of you have asked where I bought my necklace from , in this video, so I wanted to make it super easy for you to grab one too! I wear it EVERYWHERE! Buy it here: Pearl Necklace

 If you’re ready to try Stitch Fix, then you can head over to their site, quickly tell them what size you are, and pick your “style,” through their outfit examples, and your first fix can be scheduled. But one thing… you gotta tell me how much you love it! I get so much joy hearing about your success and fun with Stitch Fix. Here’s my affiliate link for Stitch Fix, if you are ever-so-kind to use it. It’s no extra cost to you! It just tells Stitch Fix that I sent you, and they’ll pay me a little somethin’-somethin‘ to thank me! (You know… so I can buy more Stitch Fix clothes.) 😉

Try Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Reviews: April 2016 Spring Stitch Fix Unboxing Video Fantabulosity Jessica Burgess

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  1. Ana Wilkinson says:

    Hey Jessica Where did you get that blue blazer!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

  2. Dina says:

    Where did you get your cute necklace?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Dina! I found it at the Limited here:

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