Stitch Fix Review March 2015 Spring!
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Stitch Fix Review March 2015

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Stitch Fix Review March 2015 Spring! https://fantabulosity.comWoot! I got home today, and found a little lovely package on my porch, and realized it was time for my FAVE-O-RITE time of the month. Ok ok… I get this twice a month, but don’t tell my husband.

I’m on “fix,” 12 of the shipments from Stitch Fix, and I opened the box to a little spring inspiration! Yesss… just what I needed!

As always, I wanted to share with you what my honest review is, so here it is:

Stitch Fix Review March 2015

I did what I said I was going to do, and went right in and tried everything on. What did I keep?


— Blue and White Sweater. (Kind of long in the front, and would look funny with jeans or shorts I think… but hanging on to it, because there’s hope that it would look good with white pants/capris?

— Jean Jacket. I have never owned a jean jacket, and I’ve always wanted one, but looking at them in the store, I would think to myself, “Ok… is this one that’s in style? Will it “fit,” me right?” But when I put this one on, it was a match made in Heaven. It has a great “fit,” and the quality is superb.

— Chevron Necklace. I pulled this out of the box and realized it was long! I loved it even more, considering it wasn’t just going to sit on the “neckline.”


Sent Back:

— Jeans. Oh Lordy. These were SOOO not my style. They were the right size (which still amazes me that Stitch Fix can get the size right in jeans, EVERY stinking time.)  But that “wide leg,” is just not me. PLUS… they were super long. I’m thinking of asking for petite sizes from now on, because I’m a bit short if you haven’t noticed.

— Coral Dress. This did not look good on me. It may not help that it was skin tight, and cut in to my stomach like someone wrapped a rubber band around me. Blah. Sooo not a good fit on me.

Overall Thoughts?

Did I like this fix? You bet. I’m not telling myself I’ll love EVERYTHING, every time, so when I find at least one thing I love… I consider it a success. 🙂

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Haven’t signed up for Stitch Fix yet? What are you waiting for!? It’s my favorite “find,” this year!

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