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Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video

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Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video: Spring 2016 Fashion is right around the corner, and I couldn’t WAIT to share the items that I received in this box!

Happy Stitch Fix “Try-On,” day you all! I just adore all of you fashion lovers out there. In my little world of boys, it’s always so nice to reach out and talk “fashion,” with you… my gal pals.

Sorry for the delay between the unboxing video and the try on video! But I headed to L.A./Hollywood this week, for something SUPER exciting for Fantabulosity… and it put a hold on the Stitch Fix review. But you better believe that today is my first day back, and I put the pedal to the metal, and got this try-on video completed! I couldn’t WAIT any longer!

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On

So I had a little fun with this one… 😉  First, I’m sharing the photos with clothing details, and then you can see the full try-on video below!

41 Hawthorn: Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse | Sz. XS | Fuchsia | $58.00 | Keeping! You all convinced me, in my shoe-line, release announcement!

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

Well the hat was a recent purchase from Forever 21. I couldn’t resist… I love it so much.

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

Liverpool: Anita Skinny Pant | Sz. 6P | Black | $78.00 | I just dunno.  They look good, but the crotch (pardon my terminology), keeps yanking down, when I walk in them. Weird… I know. 

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

The decided to try the shirt on with capri jeans, because the insert that Stitch Fix sent, suggested I wear the top with jeans too. I ADORE these jeans that I received in my last fix.

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

Market & Spruce: Marano Mixed Media Raw Woven Edge Hem Knit Top | Sz. XS | Teal Green | $54.00 | Sending back.  I just didn’t like the bottom part very much. Loved the color though!

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

Tart: Skyros Quilted Wool Vest | Sz. XS | Tan | $78.00 | Keeping! I fell in LOVE with this, the moment I pulled it out during my unboxing video!

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

Diba: Mya Suede Fringe Boot | Sz. 7 | Grey | $100 | Sending back.  I already have a pair really similar to these, and I LOVE them! 

Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video and Photos

I know I always say it…

But this fix was super fun, and FABULOUS!

I sure don’t know what I did before Stitch Fix came in to my life. It makes my fashion life, as a mom, so stinking easy!

Stitch Fix Try On Video

If you’re ready to try Stitch Fix, just head over to their site, quickly tell them your size and style preference, and they’ll ship you a box of clothing to choose from! (Remember… you only pay for what you want to keep!)  If you do sign up, and click on a Stitch Fix link here on this post, I MAY earn a small commission for referring you! But all I’ll do, is put that towards more fixes. 🙂  So I appreciate that a LOT!

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8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review March 2016 Try On Video

  1. aprila says:

    I love the fushia top on you it looks great. The aqua top is pretty but if you dont like how it fits you dont keep it like you said you know you never would wear it. The vest looks so cute too, I am glad you are keeping it. I hope the shoe prices are all not that high I will not spend that much on a pair of shoes. The ones you got are cute.

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you! Yeah… I don’t think I’ll wear it. :/ So it will go back! I know! Me too!!

  2. Dina Byrd says:

    I love the pink shirt and the cute vest on you!
    I just joined stitch fix and it’s awesome!!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Yay!!! Thank you for letting me know what you think about the vest and the pink shirt! Oh you did!!!? That is so exciting! I’m so happy that you like it! Hopefully your fixes are spot on!!

  3. Erin says:

    Okay, so I’m really behind on the videos. First, stop with the cuteness! You are too cute and the pink top is adorable. I have the same style, but it’s a navy blue and hot pink mixed pattern. Has the same scoop sleeve and gold embellishments. Second, I NEED that vest! Is it hot though? Looks like I’d be sweating as soon as I put it on.
    Super exciting about the shoes and your trip to LA.

    1. Jessica says:

      LOL, oh my goodness, you crack me up. Ahhh! You’re kidding!? I’d love to see your pink/navy top! OMG… right!? The vest is to.die.for.
      Well… I didn’t get hot in it, when I wore it. But I rarely get hot. :/ So that may have something to do with it. But I think it’s a lot “thinner,” than it may look on camera too! You should totally request it, and then send ‘er back if you don’t like it! 😉
      Again, so glad to have another “Stitch Fix fan,” to chat with! 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    I love the vest, but also the dress. Where did you get it?!? The roll tab sleeves are perfect.

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you Heather! I actually found it at Marshall’s a few month’s ago! It’s one of my favorite daytime dresses!

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