Stitch Fix Review May 2015
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Stitch Fix Review May 2015

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Yes, I know it’s not May just yet… but we are so close that it’s not even funny. So rather than call it my Stitch Fix Review for April 2015, which I already have done… I’ve decided to move ahead a few days and roll with it.

I’m quite smitten with Stitch Fix… you know that. If you didn’t, then you should see all of my other Stitch Fix reviews, and you may just see what I’m so obsessed about. Today… I’m sharing with you my Stitch Fix Review for May 2015.

{I’m scheduled to get “fix’s,” every two weeks, so there will be another May 2015 Stitch Fix review coming soon too!}

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I’ve been a little MIA this last week, and I have no good excuse besides the fact that I took my kids to the zoo, went to the grocery store about 15 times, and actually made dinner for my husband 4 times this week. {Ok… I actually just heated up some of the fancy looking pre-made dishes from the deli at the local market, and told my husband that I made it. Don’t worry, he didn’t believe me.}

But when my little box from Stitch Fix popped up on the front porch, I knew I best sit down rat NOW and do a post to share the goodies with you.

Stitch Fix Review May 2015

This fix was a little different than normal, and I’m not sure why. Except that I had someone different than I normally have style my fix’s. At least I hope that was the only reason…

UPDATE:  I’m still debating on the blue t-shirt. Since I pay $20 anyway… and it could go towards the cost of that shirt, that would make it pretty reasonable. I will try it on, and if I like it… I’ll probably keep it. We shall see!

So as you can tell from the video review, I’m not crazy about all of it. I’m not really sure what happened, but I’m not giving up, because after making a few minor adjustments on my Stitch Fix profile, I’m sure I can get this fixed…

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? No??? OMG… you totally should. The suspense of what is in that box, and the excitement of new clothes that could end up in your closet, is just too exciting for me to even TRY to explain.

If you’re not quite sure how it work, check out my first “fix, ” and I tell you more details. If you want to see the details on the Stitch Fix site, just click on the image below:

{I could possibly make a little income if you click on one of my links, and purchase a membership from Stitch Fix. But trust me… this is not why I tell you that I love Stitch Fix. I truly do. I just like the small change that ads up for more fixes!} 🙂

Stitch Fix Review May 2015 She tells you her honest thoughts and tells you how much each piece cost too!

2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review May 2015

  1. Ann @ LiveGrowWrite says:

    I really appreciate your honest reviews! I wasn’t crazy about everything in my May Fix either. But there were a few keepers. Hang in there! Cuz when they get it right, they really get it right! – Ann

    1. Jessica says:

      You are soooo right! They actually sent me another fix, since I didn’t love that one at all! I’m getting ready to post about that fix too! I can’t wait to share with you what all they did!!!

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