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Studio Update – It’s Painted!

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It’s time for another studio update! Friends, it is PAINTED! The whole studio isn’t completely finished, but the most important part is… the bright white walls! Oh my goodness, I couldn’t be any more excited about this, than I am right now. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of what has been going on around here lately…

Drywall’s Never Looked So Good…

If you’ve been on our home tour, then you know all of the walls in our house are a “gray” shade. Although I love the gray (and actually receive TONS of messages asking what color we used on our walls) white walls have been a long dream of mine.

So in the beginning stages of the studio planning, I knew WHITE walls would be the ultimate goal. With time, we plan to add more and more to this studio space like the visions we shared with you in the “before look,” post about a month ago here. But I’m a little impatient, and I’ve already started filling the space so I can start filming.

The thought of being able to leave all of my camera gear and equipment up all of the time in this space, brings so much joy. No more spending tons of time setting up and taking things down, moving locations, etc. It can all stay in this one place, and it’s ready to roll when I am!

Bright White Walls

Although I love a good craft project, and a diy home project, I have to admit… I have very little experience painting rooms in a home. We’ve always had someone come in to do professional painting in the homes that we’ve lived in.

KILZ - Fantabulosity Studio

But I truly do have to say, the moment I started painting the walls of the studio with the Pre-Tinted White, KILZ® Complete Coat™ Paint, it was crazy how much I enjoyed it, and how easy it was. It went on so smooth, and painting with it, was honestly a really nice stress reliever. (But that’s a story for another day.)

There’s something so satisfying about transforming a space in your home, to look exactly like you have dreamt about for so long.

Fantabulosity Studio

Studio Fantabulosity KILZ Paint

Studio - Fantabulosity

KILZ - Studio Kitchen

Fantabulosity Studio Paint

Why Wait?

Remember in the last studio update, I showed you a couple examples of inspiration that we plan to use for this space? I can’t WAIT for it to get to that stage. But for now, you better believe I went ahead and brought in my favorite goodies to get to cooking/filming.

Then, the other fun things like trim, lighting, flooring, and cabinets will be coming soon!

Fantabulosity Studio - Painting

Fantabulosity Studio

A Pretty Background

With an insane amount of cake stands and pretty pastel dishes that I have laying around, I thought it would look adorable to have a few in the background of my videos for a little pizzaz.

Studio Fantabulosity

Studio Fantabulosity video

Thank you KILZ Complete Coat Paint!

I cannot thank KILZ Complete Coat Paint enough for working with us on this fun new space. Friends, KILZ Complete Coat Paint is the brand for DIYers who believe in starting their projects right. This paint and primer in one, made painting the studio so easy, and starting with the right products can help get you to the perfect finish.
If you’re someone who sees the world not as it is, but as it could be, and can see past the problems and see the potential in room, house, and any home renovation project…then go for it! Explore colors at Walmart for KILZ® Complete Coat™ Paint.

I’ll be back soon with more updates!!!

Studio Update

2 thoughts on “Studio Update – It’s Painted!

  1. Laura says:

    Jessica, this is so exciting! WOW! I love the bright white paint! I am so excited for this!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you Laura! It has been a lot of fun getting it ready!! XOXO

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