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The “Booty Shaper” Workout at Home

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The “Booty Shaper” Workout at Home: A workout for your booty that only requires a chair for some of the steps! It’s great for those that stay at home and need something quick!

Oh friends, it’s time. It’s time I get my booty in gear and do some toning and exercising. I’ve resisted for a while, and even laugh it off when I add another stick of butter to those slightly homemade recipes that I love to whip up. But when my clothes start telling me that it’s time to do something, I listen.

The “Booty Shaper” Workout at Home

You see, I’ve become a full-time “stay at home” mom again recently, and anytime that I become determined to start a workout routine on the living room floor, my kids think I’m a jungle gym and climb all over me. You can see the struggle I had even while taking family photos recently. So you can imagine when I’m at home, lying on the floor attempting to exercise…

Workout at home for moms

Through a friend, I’ve found Lian Price with WorkGrindFly, who whipped up a quick booty shaper routine (that only requires a chair for some of the steps) for me to do while at home with my kiddos.
This way, if my kiddos are around during workout time, it’s quick and my kids want to do it WITH me, instead of climb on top of me!

I can’t wait to show you this quick booty shaper workout below, and how I make it work at home!

Morning Routine to Encourage Designated Workout Time

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know about my special “me time” that I allot for almost every morning before everyone wakes up. It’s when I sip on my coffee, have breakfast, and focus on my self-work and scheduling.

Quick workout at home ideas - the booty shaper

After the kiddos wake and have breakfast (and I’ve utilized all of that quiet time doing my quiet work), I start my workout routine while the kids are downstairs in the playroom for their morning playtime. Having a routine (even if it’s a loose routine) can help ensure that I make time for a quick workout. I know that when my kids head down to play, it’s my workout time.

Special K Protein

On the mornings where I plan to incorporate a workout routine in to my day, I have my Special K for breakfast. I absolutely love the great taste it has with the berries!! What huge difference it makes to have real strawberries in it, and I’m a sucker for the crunch that the whole grain flakes give in a cereal. I actually just found out that it is designed for “her” because it’s full of things we as women really need, like fiber, folic acid, and vitamin D.

Then after my workout, I’ll snack on the Special K Protein Bites throughout the day to get that extra protein in. The “caramel nut” protein bites are to die for! I’m able to go about my day and “own it,” feeling so much better having these handy for a quick snack craving. I chatted about these in my post the other day about my “Day Bag,” because I love how they’re so handy for on-the-go. They have a great taste, and they have 9g protein in each serving! Special K gives you the no-doubt foods to help you own your day, so I love keeping their products in my house to help make better choices.

Workout at home - with special k

The Booty Shaper Workout at Home

Alright… you ready for a booty shapin’ workout? Well get ready; it will burn your buns and hurt so good!

First Workout: The Booty Shaper

Duration: 4 Total Rounds

Grab a knee-high chair… YES! That’s all you need for this one!

Special K Workout at Home - Just takes a knee high chair

1: Pop Squats

10 reps

How it’s done: Start with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Squat as if you are sitting back into a chair. Jump up, and land with your feet together and legs straight. Pop immediately back down into a full squat. Repeat for reps.

2: Step–ups

10 reps per leg

How it’s done: Option here to hold 1 or 2 dumbbells. Stand in front of your sturdy knee-high surface. Step up with one foot, placing the second foot down only after the first leg has straightened out completely. Then step the second foot back off the surface, back onto the floor. Leave the first foot elevated. Repeat for all reps on that side, then switch legs.

3: Single Leg Stand–ups

10 reps per leg

How it’s done: Start in a seated position on sturdy surface. Keep one foot on the ground and lift the other foot into the air. Raise both hands to shoulder height. Using only the foot that is planted on the ground, stand up. Once this leg is completely straight, return to a seated position, still balancing on one leg. Do not touch the other foot to the ground or use your hands at any point during the move. Repeat for reps, then switch off and complete all reps with the other leg.

4: Bulgarian Split Squats

10 reps per leg

How it’s done: Option here to hold 1 or 2 dumbbells. Stand facing away from your sturdy surface. Place the top of one foot flat onto the surface. Keeping a wide stance and your hips square, start to descend into a single leg squat. Check to see if you can view your foot over your knee throughout the entire move, and if not, readjust to a wider stance. Keep your spine in a neutral position and repeat for reps, then switch legs and repeat.

Join Me in the Challenge?

I would LOVE to have a workout accountability friend to do this with! There’s just something about having someone counting on me that will push me to make sure I get it done!

For more workouts by Lian Price visit and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Butt workout at home for stay at home moms

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