15 Things I've Learned as a Mom
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15 Things I’ve Learned as a Mom

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Being a mom comes with a lot of surprises, and teaches us new things no matter how old our children get. These are the 15 things I’ve learned as a mom so far!

15 Things I've Learned as a Mom

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15 Things I’ve Learned as a Mom

Oh the things I’ve learned as a mom… here we go!


I CAN survive and function on little sleep. I may look a little rough some days, and may not make exact sense when I come up with a new way to make the business plan more efficient at the office… But I survive.


Shopping alone feels weird. I’m excited that I can actually take my time and look around, but I still have that “rushed” anxiety, like I have to hurry through the store because my toddler is screaming in the cart, and everyone is looking. {But there’s no toddler there.} Strange.


I’ve had an unofficial name change; “Mom.” I couldn’t tell you the last time I was called “Jessica,” in my own house. Even my husband calls me “mom,” when we are around the bambino’s. (Anyone else’s husband do this?)


Coffee is my best friend. BEST friend.


Play dates are usually the only way I can hang out with my girls friends on a regular basis.


I couldn’t even BEGIN to tell you what was on a kids menu at ANY restaurant 3 years ago. Now… I know which restaurants have what foods, and which restaurant we should go to so my almost 3 year old, will eat.


A clean house in overrated. When my house is clean, and all toys are put away… My toddler looks at me like, “Mom, I’m bored, so I’ll ask you a million questions and tug on your leg.” I immediately get some toys out, throw them on the living room floor, just so I can make dinner.


Yep, I’m gonna say it. In my home, baths every night are overrated too. You moms that give your kids baths every night… I commend you. Now, when my kids start school, I may change my tune. But for now… Ahem, no. My kids do not get baths every night, because frankly, its another chore on my to-do list, and I’d rather put that chore on the back burner at least every other night. Go ahead, call me “gross.” Honesty only, here folks.


I may only be 5’4, and (insert weight here), but you touch or hurt one of my children… I will come at you like a spider monkey and make you wish you never even woke up that morning. (Ok, or I’ll sick my husband on you instead, because I probably couldn’t beat up a wet paper sack.)


All of those times before mommyhood, that I looked at other families in public places and said to myself, “I will NEVER let my kid act like that,” that I was just preparing myself for disappointment, because my kids have done exactly those things.


I can’t hold my infant without giving him a tickle, just so I can hear him laugh a little. (Every stinkin time. Poor little guy.)

Now the “Oh So Sweet” Things I’ve Learned as a Mom?


I never knew I could love something so much, that I’d give up my own life for.


Those moments right before bed, when my kiddos give me a big hug and say, “No mommy, don’t go,” are some of the things about mommyhood that I will NEVER forget.


When my two kiddos laughed and played with each other for the first time, my heart once again felt a new feeling of happiness that I cannot even put in to words.


When my children become adults, I will still be their “mommy,” and will still love and protect them the best way I can. (Without being the crazy mother-in-law of course.) 😉

Well, I could go on and on, and not stop at 15 things I’ve learned as a mom, but my oh so precious kiddos are staring at me, anxiously awaiting for me to get finished typing so I can tend to their next wishes.

(So make that “16” things I’ve learned as a mom: Sitting down to type an email, blog post, or text, without a kiddo staring at me demanding my attention, feels like a brief moment of sanity.)

So what did I forget? what have you learned as a “mom?”

Until next time…

15 things i've learned as a mom

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