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All Time Favorite Baby Learning Tool: Baby Sign Language

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I’m surrounded by women producing babies. I guess it’s the stage of life that I’m in, because it seems like so many of our friends are having little precious bundles lately.


You know, before you have kids, you think to yourself how you’ll do this and that, to make your baby the smartest, and most well behaved baby that anyone knows? Yeah, I had those thoughts too.

I told myself I’m going to make homemade baby food, he’ll be speaking Spanish by the age of two, and that he will NEVER act like those other kids in public that scream and throw fits for everyone to see.

Well… I did {and do} make homemade baby food… so there’s one out of the MANY things I said I was going to do. For the others… yeah, at least I had good intentions.

Can I stress one thing that I said I was going to do, and actually followed through with it, that I recommend you teach your baby?

Baby Signing Time

This was BY FAR the best thing I taught my babies. Being able to communicate with your baby or toddler before they can speak, is a lifesaver. My oldest was telling me early on that he was hungry and wanted “milk,” or to “eat.” That he was “sleepy,” and that something “hurt.”

He also knew things like, “Bath,” “Dog,” “Brush teeth,” and so much more, by the age of one. I cannot recommend this baby learning tool, enough.

Q: So how did I teach him baby sign language?

A:  With Baby Signing Time videos. They.are.incredible.

Baby Signing Time


My kiddos find them so entertaining, and they learn sign language at the same time. All I have to do is push “play,” and they’re “glued,” for the time being. I was amazed at how quickly my toddler caught on, and how much he enjoyed watching.

I recommend starting the videos around 6 months.  They may not “sit” and watch the videos in it’s entirety, but they at least catch a few moments here and there, and they start filling their brains with the goods.

I love giving this as a baby shower gift too, because I know how much easier it can make the communication between mom and baby!

So if you’re looking to teach your baby sign language, I would stop searching for the right tool to do so. Baby Signing Time is the BEST!

Nope, they’re not paying me to tell you this. You know me… I’ll just pass on a good deal when I find one, and when I believe in a product, I’ll never hesitate holding that info from you.

Until next time…

Jessica Burgess, Fantabulosity Blog

8 thoughts on “All Time Favorite Baby Learning Tool: Baby Sign Language

  1. Meeghan says:

    Thanks for the great resource! I find teaching babies sign language helps so much with communication. I would love to learn more words, though -so, thanks for letting me know about these videos.

    1. Jessica says:

      Hey you bet! I’ve said it before, but I totally owe all of my child’s sign language knowledge to these videos. Soooo amazing to have! Thanks so much for coming by! I’m intrigued by your post title “H is for Hamburger Cookies.” I’ll be going to check that out! 😉

  2. Farrah @ Reflective Mama says:

    Great resource ~ thank you for sharing!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad that you came by!

  3. Signing Time played a very integral part in helping our son overcome a huge (and in some cases, terrifying — at least for me as a mom, anyway — language delay. It is amazing to witness how beneficial these DVDs were! And he still loves watching them…

    Great post.

    Stopping by from SITS.


    1. Jessica says:

      I love love love hearing that it helped and made such a difference. Isn’t it wonderful!? I just love them. Thank you so much for coming by! I loved having you, so come again XOXO

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