Running errands and saving time
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Busy Mom Sanity! From Running Errands to Managing Your Finances

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Running errands, cashing checks, paying bills….and the list goes on. Yuck, right? There are SO many other things that I’d rather be doing, but when you’re a busy mom like me with an ever-growing list of “don’t forget to pick-ups”, (or maybe the one who does most of the errands in your house), daily chores are just not at the top of my list of favorite activities. Anything I can do to get organized and make life easier is important to me, which is why I’m excited to be working with Regions Bank on this post.

Who is Regions Bank? Well if you’re in the south, midwest, or Texas, listen to this! Regions Bank has over 1400 branches and 1,800 ATMs, and offers a wide variety of products and services that help us focus more on life and worry less about money (And if you live near me, get excited because they’re strengthening their presence in the St. Louis market this year, with 9 new branch locations!). I’ll tell you more about them below too!

Every day, before I’ve even had a chance to think about my finances, I’m usually facing a laundry list of other errands. So, what’s a gal to do? Stuff runs out, goes bad, and needs to be replaced, right? I’ve found that the best line of attack is to be strategic. Preparation and organization make the difference between a “quick trip” or a headache and wasted time.

Over the years I’ve streamlined how I run errands which has made this necessary task a lot easier to manage. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite strategies for keeping errands simple and showing you how Regions Bank can help you save time and money in the process, and why you should consider them for your banking needs too!

Get Organized

Running errands and saving time

Me, real life, running errands and letting my youngest play on the iPad during our long trip to the city.

Why Organize a Simple Trip Out?

Have you ever found yourself on one side of town, saying:

SHOOT! Why didn’t I do “X” when I was over there by it?!

So you find yourself going back and forth across town, picking up this that, wasting a TON of precious time, not to mention gas money? Before you know it, the day is gone, and it feels like you just drove around all day. Yep, I get it. I’ve been there before, when I didn’t PLAN my errands.

Busy Mom? I Totally Get It.

If you’re at a stage in life of being a busy mom, errands can add to the chaos. You more than likely want to try to do your errands while the kids are in school. (Errands are so much easier alone if possible, right!?)

Or if you have to do them while the kids are with you, having a plan, can cut down on the time spent in the car, getting the kids in & out of the car, and overall… just a more pleasant experience. Hello sane mama! Here are my three BIG things to remember when organizing your errands.

Let’s Plan Your Errands

  1. Make a List

Sounds simple right? But there’s some method to my madness here.

  • Make it an “ongoing” list.

As you think of something that you need to do the next time you’re out, head to your list and make a note of it. This way, when you’re planning to go out, you can check your list to see what you can get done while out!

  • Make it digital – Now I love paper more than the next girl. But if it wasn’t for digital lists, I may never get some things accomplished, because most of the time, my cute little notepad is left sitting on my kitchen counter.
    Quick tip: Sometimes if I’m in a rush, and I know there’s a chance I’ll forget my paper list at home, I’ll grab my phone and take a photo of my list, so at least the list will be with me in some format.
  1. Plan Before You Go
  • Organize your stops in geographical order. I get it; it sounds crazy. But when I do this, the amount of time and gas money that I save is worth talking about. Try to avoid retracing your steps, working your way through one side of town, and keep in mind heavy traffic areas.
  • While planning, keep in mind the businesses hours. If you’re headed to the office supply store, post office, and department store, see which one opens first. This may change up where you start, geographically, with your stops!
  • How can you speed up the errand? This may be my favorite. I’m so in love with being able to cross an errand off of my to-do list by taking care of it from home, or being able drive-thru. (Especially if the kids are with me.)
    For instance, “banking” is on my errand to-do list at least 3 times a week. So when I find a bank that can speak my love language as a busy mom, I’m golden. This is where Regions Bank comes in! I’m going to tell you a bit about why I love it, and then I’ll give you a few more extras to help with your errand-running, mama!
Regions Bank = Busy Mom Sanity!

Regions Bank is always looking to make managing your finances easier and more convenient. The new branches they are opening throughout the St. Louis area are all technologically-advanced, innovative, and offer modern features. These locations are outfitted with new technology and feature more personal service. I mean, for real. I need this bank in my life.

New Branch Features – Ready?
  • Catering to YOU – The new features cater to busy employees, parents, families, and businesses.
  • Helped from the Start – Instead of a traditional teller line, you are welcomed by a Regions banker who can help with ALL of your branch-banking needs. (Cashing checks, accepting deposits, opening accounts, and even help you develop plans to reach long-term financial goals.)
  • Video Banking ATMs These new ATMs connect customers with a Regions banker through live, two-way video. The video banker can help with account maintenance and general inquiries. They’re available during extended hours on weekdays as well as weekends and most holidays. This brings a whole new meaning to “bankers hours” right?! Thank YOU Regions for understanding the way we live our busy lives, and actually helping cater to it!
  • DepositSmart ATM – You can deposit cash or checks, anytime, day or night, (You know, for those “Oops, how did I forget to deposit this today?” moments in life.
  • Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Technology – For safe deposit boxes, this system has several layers of technology to enhance security, surrounding your box, while also improving efficiency of access. So you mean… no more worrying about someone getting your key to your box? Sign me up.
  • Regions Virtual Concierge – Ok, here’s my favorite. This service offers customers personalized service from Regions Bank outside of the traditional branch.anywhere.. From the comfort of your couch to a park bench, you have the power to bank how you want, when you want. The team of Virtual Concierge Bankers are trained to guide and advise you on your financial needs – from planning for the future to ensuring you have the right savings plan, and so on. You can connect with Virtual Concierge Bankers by phone, video, chat, email, or even LinkedIn. Ah! How cool is this?! Especially for my introvert-self.

So for real, banking has been a dreaded task on my errand to-do list for years. And with it being on my list so often, it was a real drag. But now, whether it’s online, through Regions mobile channels, or face-to-face in the branch, they’re committed to helping customers reach their financial to-do’s, and I think… making our lives so much easier!

  1. Then Don’t Forget…

Here a few other things to think about to organize your errands, before heading out!

  • Coupons – Do you have coupons hanging on the fridge, or in the junk drawer, that you want to take with you?
  • Cold bags – Are you grocery shopping far from home? Or will you have an errand to run after getting groceries? Make sure to grab your cold bags, to help keep groceries cool, while you knock out that list. (Go the extra step, and just keep them in your car for unexpected stops or purchases.)
  • Think in Advance – On the night before any major errands or big days, think about the things that could delay your start to the day. For instance, are you low on gas? There’s nothing worse than being on time, or even running late, to get in your car and realize that you’re on empty and you have to stop to fill up before even leaving town. Doing this the night before can save tons of time, let alone stress on an already jam-packed day.
  • Is there anything on your list that is marked as a “low-priority” or a “When I’m near there next time” label, that you could tackle while you’re out? (For instance, that shirt you want to return the next time you’re at the shopping mall. Don’t forget to grab it out of the closet before heading out!)

What Tricks do You Have for Running Errands?

Do you have any tips and tricks up your sleeve for running errands? I’d love to hear them, and add them to my day. I’m such a sucker for streamline processes, and I’d always love to improve it. Let me know what you do, and how you knock things out on your errands list, in the comments below!

More on Regions Bank, Member FDIC

So if you’ve now fallen in love with Regions Bank like I have, here are more ways to find out if there’s a location near you, or how you can find out more about them:

Regions Website:




More Organization and Streamlining Tricks?

I’m so happy you’ve popped by! For more organization and life-related hacks, hop over HERE for more streamlining tips for everyday life!

Tips for running errands

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