Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video
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Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video

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Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video… You’ve suggested I give Trunk Club a try, and I’m SO thankful you did. It is absolutely WONDERFUL! Here’s the video showing what items I received!

Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video

I’m FLOORED by how fun and fabulous this “trunk,” is from Trunk Club! If you saw my Facebook Live video & blog post the other day, I showed you a preview of what my stylist Paulina picked out for me. I have to admit… I wasn’t too excited to get the “trunk,” in the mail, since the preview wasn’t so hot. BUT my oh my, Paulina did a wonderful job picking some items out for me!

It’s the best of both worlds… I was able to preview some of the items she picked, say yes or no, and then she re-picked some items, and sent them my way. I couldn’t WAIT to turn the camera on to get back in to the groove of surprise unboxings! Without further ado, let’s hit it…

Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video

So… my favorite part of how Trunk Club works, is that often with Stitch Fix unboxings, you may say,

Ooooh! I’m going to ask my stylist for that piece.

But the problem was, you had to ask for it, and HOPE that it was still in stock or that they’d send it to you. With Trunk Club, you guys can see what’s in my box and then I’ll do all of the hard work, track it down for you, and link to each item below here, so you can just click on the item that you want and add it to your shopping cart! I freaking love it!

Shop the items from my “Trunk,” HERE:

There you have it! There’s my FIRST Trunk Club unboxing video. I wonder if I’ll do it for over two years like I did Stitch Fix? I’m telling you…if it’s always as good as this one, it may not be a good thing for my wallet.

Thank you for visiting and watching my Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video. I so appreciate all of you. If you’d like to give Trunk Club a try, here’s my affiliate link to give it a whirl. What that means is that if you give it a try, and buy something from your “trunk,” I may receive a small commission… which just means more “trunks.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Try Trunk Club:

Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video

Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video

6 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review: December 2016 Unboxing Video

  1. Melissa Eiche says:

    Um, I freaking miss you. You are SO cute and I have missed your lives lately and have been busy with the holidays. I hate that the new box’s prices are higher, but LOVED everything you got! What did you end up keeping?!??!?!

    1. Jessica says:

      Awwww!!!! Hey! Haha! It’s so good hearing from you. I agree… they are higher, but I’ve found that a lot of the items are on sale by the time it’s time to check-out! So that helps a little hopefully. Lol! I haven’t decided yet. They’re going to be knocking on my door soon if I don’t hurry up! I hope to get a video of it today!

  2. Dina Byrd says:

    My daughter and I watched your unboxing video and we both agree- we should have lunch with its you because you are hilarious!
    Purple looks great on you!!!! I loved all of the items except the cape dress- it looks overwhelming! Love the gray cardigan! The prices can be a little expensive but the quality and style is there! Two thumbs up!
    Where did you get your necklace? It’s really cute!

    1. Jessica says:

      Awwww!!! Haha Dina! That’s so sweet, thank you! I appreciate you telling me what you think about the pieces too! Would you believe that I still haven’t decided what to keep/send back! It’s like I’m procrastinating because I don’t want to say goodbye to some of the pieces that I love. Ha!!! Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note! XO

  3. Thank you for doing this Jessica. I’ve been thinking about joining and this helped. I think you should keep it all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Jessica says:

      Yaaaaay! I’m so excited you decided to give it a try! I absolutely love it! I already can’t wait to get the next one. Lol! Thank you for stopping by and dropping a note. Hope you are well! XO

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