Trunk Club for women review January 2017 Steve Madden Bomber Jacket
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Trunk Club Review Try-On Video: January 2017 #2

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Trunk Club Review Try-On Video: January 2017 Second Shipment… Why does it just keep getting better and better!? Trunk Club for women is incredible!¬†

Whew! That title is a mouthful! But I had to make sure to get in that “#2” since I’ve already had a January ¬†Trunk Club unboxing video! (Ooops for scheduling 2 in one month.)

Trunk Club for women review January 2017 Steve Madden Bomber Jacket

Why oh WHY does Trunk Club have to be so good!? Paulina did an incredible job this time again, and now I’m already anxiously awaiting the next one, that I haven’t even scheduled yet. First things first… I have to decide what to keep out of this one, and what to send back with those darn shoes. So please, as always… let me know what you think.

Side note: Don’t forget, that those who are subscribed to my YouTube channel always get an early sneak peek of the videos, because I have to upload it there before I can write/create the blog post. So if you subscribe, you’ll get notified as soon as I upload one, and you’ll have first dibs on the items, in case they sell out quick. ūüėČ ¬†Subscribe HERE!

Along with the video below, keep scrolling afterwards because I’ve taken photos of each and every item that Trunk Club sent this time, PLUS… I spent a bit of extra time including the links that will take you EXACTLY where you can buy each item that I received. YAY for no guesswork! Let’s roll with it…

Trunk Club Review: Try-On Video January 2017 | 2nd January Shipment

Trunk Club Review Photos for January 2017

It’s the sweatshirt dress that I wasn’t quite sure of when I pulled it out of the box the other day. I’m still confused on this one though, and not quite sure if it’s a keeper.

Trunk Club women review: Off the Shoulder Fleece Knit Dress

Trunk Club women review: Off the Shoulder Fleece Knit Dress
Off the Shoulder Fleece Dress: Treasure & Bond // Sz. Small // Buy HERE 

I decided to toss the bomber jacket on over the dress just to see… turns out it’s not THAT bad. But I think I’m quite fond of the jacket, and this may be the reason.

Trunk Club women review: Off the Shoulder Fleece Knit Dress

Steve Madden: Side Zip Bomber Jacket // Size Small // Buy HERE

So it’s a top that I’m thinking I could find at Target or Walmart… but it IS super cozy and soft. I may ponder on this one for a bit.

Scoop Neck Cotton Tee:
Calson Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Cotton Tee // Size: Small // Buy HERE

I have to say it. I’m sorry. The bomber jacket, is the bomb. There… I got it out of my system, and now we can move on to how excited that I am, that I get to take $25 off of this jacket, which makes it even better. (Putting the at home try-on fee towards this one folks. For sure.)

Trunk Club for women review January 2017 Steve Madden Bomber Jacket

Is this “mom life,” or what?

Trunk Club for women review January 2017 Steve Madden Bomber Jacket

Trunk Club for women review January 2017 Steve Madden Bomber Jacket

Steve Madden Side Zip Bomber Jacket // Size Small // Buy HERE

Trunk Club for women review January 2017 Steve Madden Bomber Jacket

I’m becoming a fan of lace apparently!? But not sure I love it enough to buy it, and keep it. What do you think?! I sure do like it with my pearl necklace.

Trunk Club Review January Hinge Embroidered Mesh Top:

Hinge Embroidered Mesh Top:

Hinge Embroidered Ivory Mesh Top // Size Small // Buy HERE

Nude Heels Tidbit

I’ve had some of you ask about where I found my nude heels, and you guys… these are the comfiest pair of heels I’ve ever worn in my LIFE. Not kidding. You can buy them at Payless (YES, Payless!!!) HERE!

nude heels

The tuxedo jacket. I’m a mom of two who BARELY gets dressed up these days. So I think I’ll pass on this one, because I have other items that I’d go to first if I had a need to get dressed up super fancy schmancy.

Tuxedo Jacket:

Tuxedo Jacket:

Trunk Club Review: Tuxedo Jacket:

TopShop Slouch Tuxedo Jacket // Size 6 // Buy HERE

So this is the one so many of you said, “heck no,” to. But there was just something about it. I had to see it on. But I’m afraid you may be right… even though it does look better on. Thoughts?

Trunk Club for women review: Lace Hinge Peplum Top:

Trunk Club for women review: Lace Hinge Peplum Top:

Trunk Club for women review: Lace Hinge Peplum Top:
Hinge Lace Peplum Top // Size Small // Size Small // Buy HERE

If this blue bell top was a teeny bit longer… I’d probably be all over keeping it. But heavens.. when I raise my arm up a little, by belly pops out and ain’t nobody wanna see that.

Blue Bell Shirt:

Trunk Club Review Blue Bell Shirt:

Madewell Windowpane Bell Sleeve Shirt // Size Small // Buy HERE

This ruffle shirt was a surprise when I realized after minutes that it was a cold shoulder top. I thought for sure that it was a sleeveless top when I first pulled it out of the box. It’s not something I’d buy for myself… but it doesn’t look horrible. Not sure about this one either folks.

Trunk Club Review: January 2017 Ruffle Cold Shoulder:

Trunk Club Review: January 2017 Ruffle Cold Shoulder:

Chelsea28 Ruffle Edge Cold Shoulder Blouse // Size Small // Buy HERE

The SHOES! Guys… I just can’t. I must be totally out of style, but I just can’t do it. But you just watch… two years from now, I’ll be going, “OMG, those are the cutest shoes ever. What was I thinking.”

Trunk Club Review Shoes: Dugan Flat Loafer Mule Shoe:

Dugan Flat Loafer Mule Shoe // Size 7.5 // Buy HERE

So there you have it! It’s my Trunk Club Review for the month of January! If you saw something that you like, then I’ve included links to every item below. Just scroll through until you find what you need!

Shop all of the items from this Trunk Club shipment HERE:

Items worn in this post, from past Trunk Club shipments and fashion recaps:

If you’re ready to try Trunk Club, I can’t say that I blame you. It’s been incredible for me. Here’s my referral link IF you want to use it. You sure don’t have to!

Try Trunk Club HERE

Until the next shipment,

trunk club review for women january

6 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review Try-On Video: January 2017 #2

  1. Taylor Fischer says:

    That sweater dress and bomber jacket is like my everyday mom wear so I absolutely love it!!! The white long sleeve is something you could get a target. As for the lace tops… ehh maybe for layering pieces but then could you justify the price?? The cold shoulder top is gorgeous on you!!! Would be cute for date nights but I feel like the sleeves would be annoying when out running errands or doing daily mom things. Now that Window pane printed shirt is my favorite out of the whole trunk!!!!?? if your self conscious about where the hem line hits just wear high waisted jeans. This top looks amazing on you and accentuates your curves in the best way possible.

    As for the shoes…. let’s just forget those were even sent.??

    1. Jessica says:

      LOL! You crack me up! SO much truth to everything you said. Never thought about wearing high waisted jeans with that shirt… brilliant. The sleeves would be totally annoying on that pink shirt. Didn’t think about that either. Lol! Thank you so so much for you comment! Love hearing from you!
      And totally dying about your shoe comment. Truth. Lol!

  2. Nicole says:

    Omg the shoes lol!!!!! They made me giggle. LOVING the bomber on you and the lace cream top! Looks like she’s sending me that basic cream top in my trunk but I’m feeling like that’s something one could totally find at target (btw I’m the one that had emailed you about the issue I was having a trunk club!). I’d say no to the fleecey dress, it’s just meh. Love the neck on the pink blouse but man, I just can’t get down with anything cold shoulder…I’m really into that windowpane check top tho I think the shortness would bother me too. It does look amazing in you though.
    Got an email today that my trunk shipped!!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hey You!!!
      LOL, I know… those shoes kill me. Ooooh! I can’t WAIT to see what you get in your trunk and how you like it! Thank you so much for the feedback. I always love hearing what others think about the pieces!!
      I hope your Trunk Club struggle is over after this next one. Notice the prices in this one… it wasn’t crazy, right!? They should totally be able to send you similar prices! Can’t wait to hear! XO

  3. Christi Robi says:

    What a fun box, or should I say trunk?!?
    Not loving the dress, although the jacket doesn’t look bad with it. I think the jacket makes the whole outfit though, so could you ever see wearing it with other pieces or alone? I say nix the dress. Back to that amazing jacket, it’s a must. So cute, so versatile. What wouldn’t it make look good! Keeper for sure. I happen to really like the white shirt. I know it’s basic, but sometimes it’s worth it depending on quality and color. I happen to like both lace tops. The white would be totally cute for date night and love it with the pearls. The black is hard to see the details but has a great shape and looks good on you. A good blazer is always good to have, but if you are not wearing them on a daily basis there is no need to have more than 1 or 2, so I’d say pass on the expensive blazer. I love the window pane shirt. It looks great on. I could see how the length might bug you a bit when you move, but I like the above comment on high waisted pants or add a tighter fitting cami or tank so nothing shows if you reach. I’m sure there a way to make it work, because it’s cute! The cold shoulder top ?? Not my favorite. The cut of the top chest down is very flattering, but I am not a fan of the shoulder/sleeves. Pass.
    Just a few thoughts.

    1. Jessica says:

      Awww! Thank you so much for your feedback Christi!! I love all of this! It helps SOO much!! XO

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