My Favorite Video Equipment for Blogging

My Favorite Video Equipment for Blogging, Vlogging & YouTube

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My Favorite Video Equipment for Blogging: The camera, lenses, lights/light, microphones, and equipment that I use to create videos for my blog.

Video equipment for blogging or vlogging

My Favorite Video Equipment for Blogging, Vlogging + YouTube

I have loved being on camera since my parents took the plunge and bought one of those 1980 CamCorders, that you put on your shoulder. You know the ones… they were so heavy your shoulder would start hurting after 5 minutes of filming a kid opening up his presents on Christmas morning?

When I’d see my mom yank that sucker out of the cabinet, I would nonchalantly walk in front of the camera, hoping to see myself on the tv later when they popped the ole VHS in the VCR.

When I first started blogging, I never even thought about incorporating “video,” in to it, until I started seeing others post videos on YouTube, and then even embedding them on blog posts. Then, Facebook LIVE came out, and it was my jam. Still is…

Facebook Live

Present Day…

Now, a few years in to blogging, and growing my YouTube channel, I’ve researched and tested what equipment that I’m fond of. Everything that I have, and recommend, can be found on Amazon, and affordable for a blogger that doesn’t want to get in to a HUGE expense. I’ve linked to all of the items that I use below!

Video Equipment & Where to Buy Each Item:

Phone Tripod

Used for: Facebook Live

This tripod has been used a TON for my Facebook Live videos. At the time of writing this post, Facebook LIVE is just coming out with the ability of using a desktop to record LIVE video. But even still, there are times where using a phone is much easier than lugging out my laptop. Plus, if I need a higher angle for the Facebook LIVE, than one my laptop can provide, this tripod extends and works really well. (Think cooking videos.)  Buy the tripod here: Phone Tripod

Nikon D7200

Used for: YouTube for Fashion Unboxings & Creating Your Happy video segments

If you read my post on what photography equipment that I use for my blog photos, then it’s old news that I use my Nikon D7200. I started out using a Nikon 5100, and it worked perfectly fine. But my mother-in-law wanted to buy my 5100, and it left me with buying an upgraded camera. Darn the luck.

I really like using this to record video for my fashion unboxings, YouTube videos, and Creating Your Happy segments, but it does take some time to set it up and get it just right. (See below at which camera I prefer for these types of videos now.)

With the right lens (see more about what lens I use for what) and settings, this camera can provide a beautiful quality of video. Buy the Nikon D7200 here: Nikon D7200

Side Note: I also use this SD card with my Nikon D7200, because it has TONS of space for videos!

video equipment blogger

Wide Angle Lens for the Nikon D7200 DSLR

Used for: Subscription Box Unboxings and Interview Style Videos

Speaking of lens… this is the lens that I use for the videos of me talking, sitting in front of the camera. It’s not “in your face,” and provides a great view of the space around me. I also use this lens in my blog photo sessions, where I’m capturing an entire room for a post, like of my living area HERE. Buy the Wide Angle Lens here: Wide Angle Lens 

What video equipment do I need for youtube, vlogging, or blogging?

Small Power Shot Camera

Used for: Vlogging

So I recently bought this Canon G7X Mark II PowerShot 20.1MP Digital Camera to do more vlogging style videos with. 

Here’s a video I recently shot with the Canon G7X so you can see the quality:

See my Canon G7X camera review for more info!

It is actually my favorite camera to shoot video with (instead of the D7200) because it’s small and easy to use, and has amazing autofocus and lighting settings so I don’t have to worry about those while filming.

Although I still love using the D7200 for side angles, so I can switch up camera angles during a video.

PLUS… it this Canon G7X has a flip screen on it, so I can actually see myself when I record, so I don’t have to worry about being out of focus, or off-screen… like I struggled with when using my DSLR.

Lightweight Floor Tripod for Canon G7X

This tripod is the BEST! I love being able to carry it with me if I’m on the road and I need to shoot a quick video like the example above. My powershot camera slips right on top and extends tall enough to shoot a video if I’m standing or even low enough if I’m sitting.

Handheld Tripod for Canon G7X

When shooting vlogs, like for travel blogging, you wouldn’t BELIEVE how much easier it is and how much smoother the video quality is when using this handheld tripod.

Lighting Kit

Used for: Any video

A lighting kit can make a HUGE difference for videos if you’re filming in a dark location. On days where it’s cloudy, or nights when I schedule a book club Facebook LIVE, I always make sure to have these on, so I’m not sitting in a super dark room and it’s hard for viewers to see. Some lighting kits put off such an awful artificial “light,” but I’ve been very pleased with this one. Buy the lighting kit that I use here: Lighting Kit

Boom Stand Tripod – Overhead

Used for: For Overhead Videos

I bought this boom stand tripod for my overhead videos that I create, like the one seen HERE. So when I’m making a video of a recipe creation, and you only see my hands doing the work on my table, this is the tripod that I’m using to get such a shot. It holds the camera above and I can get it dead center of where I need it. I use my Nikon D7200 with this, and the 50mm lens to create the overhead videos. Buy the Boom Stand Tripod here: Boom Stand Tripod

camera and video equipment for blogging

50mm Lens

Used for: Overhead videos of recipes, DIY, etc. on my Nikon D7200

This is the lens that I use for my overhead videos. You know, the cooking videos that are an average of a minute long on Facebook, like I linked to above? I use this to capture a close up view, so a ton of space isn’t needed around what I’m making. Buy the 50mm Lens here: 50mm Lens

Ring Light

Used for: Any video

This light sits in front of me while filming, and provides an extra boost of light for my face. The ring, allows my Nikon to sit in the middle of it, so the light doesn’t get in the way of the shot. Buy the Ring Light here: Ring Light

Microphone & Windmuff Boom Kit

Used for: Microphone on my Nikon D7200

I can’t stress enough how important sound is for a video. I never thought it mattered that much, and relied on my computer mic, or my Nikon microphone. But the moment that I got my hands on this microphone, my audio changed and made the quality of my videos so much more professional. Before, it would be hard to hear me, or the muffled/airy sounds would overpower my voice. Buy the Mic Windmuff Boom Kit here: Mic Windmuff Boom Kit

My Favorite Video Equipment for Blogging

HD Webcam for laptop

Used for: Laptop for quick videos

This camera is what I used to create my “How to Make Money Blogging” e-course and it did really well. (This was before I started using my Nikon to film video.)  So if I’m in a hurry, and want to create a quick video without setting up my entire set-up, I’ll plug this webcam into my laptop and I’ll get a much better quality than the webcam that comes on my laptop. But I still prefer my DSLR (Nikon) for filming when I have the time to set it up. Buy the HD Webcam for laptop here: HD Webcam

Lapel Mic

Used for: Laptop videos, or iphone Facebook Lives

When I’m using my HD Webcam for my laptop, I also use a lapel mic to help with the audio. My laptop’s microphone isn’t the best, so I needed something better. This affordable little mic was purchased to use on my iphone for my Facebook LIVES, but I’ve been using it for laptop recording too! Buy the Lapel Mic here: Lapel Mic

Mac Laptop 13 in. MacBook Pro

Used for: Editing video and recording quick videos.

I used to be a Dell/HP laptop kind of girl. I loved the price WAAAAY more than the price of a MAC. That was until I finally bit the bullet because of all the good things that I heard about a MAC. Holy cannoli. Not only have I fell in love with a Mac (I’ll never go back), but using the iMovie that comes on my Mac has been a lifesaver for all of my videos. Although I do plan to purchase Adobe Premier soon for my video editing, iMovie is fabulous to start out with! Buy the laptop that I use here: Mac Laptop

video equipment list for blogging or vlogging

“Do I Have to Have All of This?”

Now do you have to have all of this? Nope. Not at all. But once I started using the items I listed here, I literally had people asking me,

What are you using now!? Your video’s look so much better now, and we can really tell you’ve improved them!

So I knew it was time to share with you what I use, in case you’ve been wanting to get your hands on some new equipment! Getting started with video can be overwhelming if you let it. Take baby steps. Don’t feel like you have to get it “right,” or get everything all at once. Besides, part of the journey is seeing how you progress and improve over time with it all anyway.

What About Equipment for Taking Blog Photos?

If you’re wanting to see what all I use for my blog photography too, you can see that here:

Photography Resources

blog photography tips

If you’re new to blogging, vlogging, or YouTube… then you may also really enjoy watching some of my videos on how to grow your blog, and where I answer YOUR blogging questions. See all of those HERE!

video equipment for youtube vlogging and blogging

Video equipment for blogging and vlogging! Perfect for a beginner too. This is the exact list I've been looking for. You don't have to have it all, and you can get all of it pretty affordable!

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Video Equipment for Blogging, Vlogging & YouTube

  1. Mary says:

    I want it all! haha but really, that equipment is all superr pricy. Any ideas on lighting & sound for someone just starting out?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Mary! I actually recommended everything that I know of (hate to recommend something I’ve never used) so I’m afraid I don’t know of anything else at the moment. I was the same way in the beginning though. So what I did was slowly purchase only what I needed, (usually one thing at a time) and then worked my way up to a collection of equipment.
      The lapel mic hangs around $14 or so, so that was my first purchase I believe. You could start out with just the light umbrella’s too, instead of going straight for the ring light. I hope that helps! If I ever use/find anything more affordable that works great, I’ll be sure to come back here and update the post though! 🙂

  2. Anisha says:

    Thank you for this amazing and helpful post.

    1. Jessica says:

      Awww! You’re so welcome! Thank you for coming by and dropping a note! XO

  3. Danielle says:

    Thank you Jessica! As a blogging newbie I am just starting and now I have a wishlist of sorts for what will help me. I had never considered the microphone aspect before but I will now!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh good! I’m so glad that you’ve found this helpful!! Love that you’re starting with blogging, and good luck on your journey!

  4. John Carter says:

    Being a Vlogger, I know how much a camera and other equipment important. The Camera you show is really good. I will definitely buy this camera. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Victoria Currah says:

    I’m really looking for some lighting equipment for my blogging and these are all great! I’m hoping the lights from Amazon will start to ship to Canada again soon!

    xx Victoria

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