Here’s a small sample of the videos from my Creating Your Happy Video series. I’d love for you to stop by my YouTube channel and join the conversation. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there; that way, you’ll never miss a video!

Episode 12: Health & Fitness Commitment 

Episode 10: How We Deal with Our Problems

Episode 8: Making Time for Yourself

Episode 6: Your Cash Stash

Episode 4: Marriage Q&A #1

Episode 2: Productivity “Theme Days”

CYH Ep. 13 – Home Finance: Routines + Tools 

Episode 11: Marriage Q&A #3

Episode 9: Affection in Marriage

Episode 7: Marriage Q&A #2

Episode 5: Being Tested

Episode 3: “I want everyone to like me.”

Episode 1: Marriage Questions Needed!