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I Wish I Didn’t Have to Tell my Toddler…..{Part 2}

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You all loved Part 1 of, “I Wish I Didn’t Have to Tell my Toddler…” and low and behold, I’ve had my toddler do enough since then to create a part 2! Not hard to believe, right? What’s even better? My second little boy is turning in to a little toddler man, and he’s pulling some ah-mazing stuff as well. Perfect timing for “I Wish I Didn’t Have to Tell my Toddler… Part 2.


Now, although I’ve been known to be the “Helicopter Mom,” I find myself saying the oddest things, when my eyes aren’t on them every second. It’s those rare moments, where you find yourself saying, “It’s quiet, I don’t know where they’re at or what they’re doing… but whatever it is, I’ll clean it up. I’m going to enjoy this 30 seconds of silence.” Are you hearing me?

Roll Call… I Wish I Didn’t Have to Tell my Toddler

  • “Do NOT spit on your brothers head!”— I still can’t figure this one out. Why is that even funny? Why was my 1 year old letting him do it?
  • “It’s ok to ride in the car without pants on honey, because you pee peed in them, in the parking lot of the grocery store.” — No lie. Made it all the way through the store (No Public Bathroom), hit that cold air in the parking log, and BAM. SOOO close. 
  • “Why do your fingers smell like that?” — I know exactly why they smell like that. I know where they’ve been. Why do boys do this? Is it just little boys?
  • “Why did you poop in the pantry?” —  Stupid question. He’s 1. He’s not potty trained. I left him without a diaper on. At least it wasn’t on the carpet.
  • “Are you supposed to tell me no?” —  This is a trick question. Cracks me up every time I accidentally say it. What is he supposed to say when I ask that? So most of the time he just stares at me like, “Seriously… what am I supposed to do in this moment? Shake my head? Or is that still, a “No?”
  • “We are not supposed to bite our toenails!”—“Gag.” Why why why?”
  • “Oh Honey. No mommy doesn’t have a baby in my belly.” Long-live the pooch.
  • “It’s not nice to tell someone that the food they made you is yucky.” —  Granted my 3 year old is super picky, but he’s gotta learn that it’s not ok to tell someone that.
  • “We don’t eat bugs!!! — Yes. This happened. Why? My toddler says, “Ants are so yummy Mommy.” “Ugh. What?”…. “Yeah look! Mmmm.”…. As he pulls half of an ant body out of his mouth. What do you even do in that moment? Are they poisonous? Are there more in his mouth? Oh gosh… they’re so little they’re probably stuck between his teeth. Another Gag. 

Yes, I could go on…and on…and on… but it’s quiet. I think I need to get up and go see what other “great,” thing I have to say to my toddler, that I wish I didn’t have to.

I’d LOVE to hear what you have to tell your toddler, that you wish you didn’t. Aren’t they amazing little individuals? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “I Wish I Didn’t Have to Tell my Toddler…..{Part 2}

  1. Nikki says:

    That was hilarious! I had to tell one of our two-year-olds not to lick Mommy’s pant leg. I have no idea why she started licking my pants but I think she might have been pretending to be a puppy?

    1. Jessica says:

      OMG… THAT cracks me up. A puppy would make sense! Lol! I often wonder what people would do if adults did some of the things toddlers do… lol! Thank you so much for stopping by again! XOXO

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