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“You’re a Cool Mom If…”

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“You’re a Cool Mom If” – From the Eyes of a 4 and 6 year old.

Cool mom

“You’re a Cool Mom If…”

So I asked my boys,

What makes me a “cool mom”?

I mean, I’ve read a ton of articles about how it’s important to be a parent, and not a friend… and I’ve even watched videos on how it’s cool, to not be “cool”.

But have you ever participated in one of those Facebook questionaries where you ask your kids the list of random questions, just to see what they say? They’re a ton of fun, and their answers can be a hoot!

So since I’m a sucker for those, and have to do it every stinking time… I thought it would be a fun twist to ask them what types of things make me gain the title of “cool mom”,  and share it with you to see if our kiddos would say similar things.

Here’s what mine had to say…

1. “When you let friends come over, just because.”

My boys LOVE being social and hanging out with friends. So no matter if it’s the neighbor kiddos that can randomly come over and play, or if I surprise them with a play date at the bounce house nearby… my cool mom rating just soared through the roof.

2. “When you put notes in my lunch box.”

School Lunch Box Note

Remember, I’m a blogger… not an artist.

I’ll never forget my mom doing this for me, when I was little. She would write a sweet little note, right on the napkin every now a then, and it was the COOLEST. So, I started doing that with my son. But I’ll never forget the first day that he came home after my first “love note”.

Mom, that kind of embarrassed me a little.

I was heartbroken. But after digging in and finding out why it was embarrassing, he said:

Well, Aaron’s mom draws him pictures on his lunch box notes. I wish you’d do that too.

Gah! So you mean the “I love you sweet little thing” love note was embarrassing?! How dare I write a note like that to a BOY! Haha! What was I thinking?! This kid wanted superheroes drawn on his lunch box notes! So, needless to say… he got it. Superhero stick figures and “You’re super!” notes for his lunchbox, it is.

3. “When you let us stay up late!”

The boys know that Friday nights are “stay up late” nights. I mean, we’re pretty crazy around here. Typically we’ll order a pizza, rent a movie, and they can stay up until 8:30 or so. Considering I like to fall asleep by 8:45 most nights, this is pretty wild.

4. “When we have a YES day.”

If you read my post a few years ago about having a “yes day” for my boys, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you can find out what I actually learned by doing this for them, by reading it here.

Having a “yes day” actually taught me a lot, but gave me “cool mom” status for at least a week!

Why I Had A Yes Day For My Kids

5. “I can talk to you about anything.”

My oldest and I have a special connection. We share secrets and he knows that he can come to me for anything. I’m not quite sure how I developed that connection, (because we know I’m not the perfect parent, that’s for sure) but I do tell him often that he can talk to me about anything. Then when he does, I praise him for telling me the truth, and tell him that I’m glad that he wants to share those types of things with me.

I find so much comfort when he feels like he can tell me the bad things, and the good things. But I truly love how he finds that pretty cool too.

6. “When you let me act like a grown-up.”

This is my four year old’s jam. If you know him at all, you know that he is an old man, trapped in a little boy’s body. I mean, he wants to be a grandpa when he grows up, and struts like a 30 year old man that just jumped off of a buckin’ bull.

So when I let him walk up to the counter at McDonald’s and pay for something on his own, (me watching from a distance of course) I’m racking up the mom cool points.

Ever Changing Ways to be a “Cool Mom”

Now will these types of things change as they get older? You better believe it. Perhaps I’ll hear things like:

If you let me stay out late…

If you let my girlfriend sleepover (um… heck no)


If you don’t ground me when I get a speeding ticket…

But I’ll save that for another blog post.

The “Not-So-Cool” Mom

I also want to say that there are many days that I’m FAR from a “cool mom” in my boys eyes. You know, when I tell them to clean up their rooms, to turn the electronic off, etc. So no perfect mom here. But it is pretty fun to hear what they had to say about this.

What Did Yours Say?

So tell me. What did your kids say makes you a “cool mom”? Some of the answers will be pretty comical I’m sure. I can’t wait to hear!

As always, I’m so happy you came by. Drop me a note, shoot me an email, and say hello! I’d love to hear from you, and would love to hear what your kids say make you a “cool mom”.

Cool Mom

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