How to Cook Steak in the oven! RecipeThis was so easy and incredible, with the browned butter! Easy Steak Recipe: Pan Fried and in the Oven Photo
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Easy Steak Recipe: Pan Seared & In the Oven

Easy Steak Recipe - How to cook steak in the oven: Cooking with browned butter in a cast iron skillet, and coating in cracked peppercorn and kosher salt makes one of the best steak recipes EVER!Growing up on a cattle farm, it may be a little odd that I don't eat a TON of steak. (Perhaps I take a little after my cattle-farmin' grandpa, who RARELY ate any beef. (I guess he was around it all day, so he didn't want to look at it when he got inside the house.)But for me, it has NOTHING to do with...

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