Bread Pudding Recipe - Easy and the Best!
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Bread Pudding Recipe: An Easy Old Fashioned Recipe

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BREAD PUDDING RECIPE: An Easy Old Fashioned Recipe – This is the BEST bread pudding, and resembles the old-fashioned recipe we all love! It’s basic, and uses everyday ingredients!

Bread Pudding Recipe: Easy and the BEST old fashioned recipe!
Bread Pudding Recipe Photos Updated November 2018!
Bread Pudding Recipe - Easy and the Best!
Bread Pudding Recipe

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Bread Pudding Recipe

When I walked into my kitchen this morning, I grabbed my loaf of bread to make an egg sandwich for breakfast.

But to my dismay, the bread was a little stale. Yuck! So, I thought about throwing it in the trash, but I hated to waste it. Then I thought about throwing it outside for the birds, but I remembered the last time I did that

The bread sat out there for DAYS, because nothing ate it, and it just got embarrassing when people would come over. I’d have to explain why there were 50 pieces of bread serving as yard ornaments.

Easy Bread Pudding Recipe:

So, I began searching for an easy bread pudding recipe, that didn’t require a lot of funky ingredients, because I was NOT putting my toddler in the car and going to the grocery store. Heck no!

How to make bread pudding recipe
Bread Pudding Ingredients

I found a few good recipes for bread pudding, but they all had something that didn’t tickle my fancy. So… I gathered all of the recipes up and came up with my own plan.

BEST Bread Pudding Recipe

Bread pudding recipe

I love this recipe, and really do think it’s the best, because it only includes items I usually have on hand, resembles the old-fashioned recipe that we’ve all known to love, and I had it all put together and in the oven in a matter of minutes.

It turned out to be the best bread pudding recipe I’ve ever had.