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Hi there! Are you ready to add simplicity to your very real and very busy life?

About Jessica Burgess of Fantabulosity - St. Louis Missouri Blogger

Contact me at: jessica@fantabulosity.com

Hey you. I’m Jessica, the gal behind the lifestyle brand, Fantabulosity, and here you’ll find real, far-from-perfect, relatable blog posts… to equip busy gals (that’s YOU!) with tools for fabulous, simple & joyful living.

You’ll Experience Fabulous Tools and Tutorials Such As:

• How to make a recipe for your family that won’t take hours to cook and uses everyday ingredients, but still makes your family swoon over a home-cooked meal! I’m a busy mom of two, (with a picky eater) so I understand needing fast and kid-friendly recipes!

Printables that help you simplify and manage your daily life when busy gals like us need it! As a self-proclaimed, “decent” graphic designer, I’ve become fond of creating printables for myself and for all of you!

Fashion that’s affordable + adorable, but even better when it’s on sale or brought right to your doorstep! Because I understand wanting to get out of the yoga pants and look nice for a date night or church on Sunday morning!

Party ideas to help you style easy, yet super fun get-togethers with your friends and family. I’ve been planning parties since I was old enough to look at a magazine! Now my party planning passion overflows into helping others style their own with the ideas that I share here!

Home + Organization ideas for decorating and organizing that are simple but help you look like you spent hours planning and carrying out the plan! I started filling my first hope chest at the age of 5 with home goods and started organizing my mom’s magazines shortly after! My childhood love for home and organization has definitely carried over into my adulthood and blog.

Encouraging stories + videos about real-life situations that can hopefully help you feel like you’re not alone and to remember that no one has it all together, but we can help each other through whatever comes our way. Items like finances (I’m a previous CFO and office manager for a big corporation, so I understand the basic bookkeeping needs we can all implement), marriage (marrying my high school sweetheart hasn’t resulted in all butterflies and roses, so our experience overflows in teaching others what we’ve learned along the way) and so much more!

• … and so much more, that can help you feel a little more “fabulous,” but also keeping in mind the simplicity and realness of life.

How Do I Know What You Need?

Because I’m just like you. I’m in a stage of my life where “busyness” could control me if I let it.

From juggling kids activities, folding laundry, making dinner, and doing bedtime stories at night, it can feel like we’re hamsters on a wheel each day, just trying to grab the most important things as we “run” right past them. (Ahem, but you sure as heck won’t find me “running” anywhere, unless it’s away from a bear.)

I’m Far from Bored…

I’m a business owner and stay-at-home mom where I manage this lifestyle blog and our home and try to keep up with our 2 little rambunctious boys. This leaves little room for “extra” in my days, but I do what I can to make what matters, count.

You’re Not Alone

Sister, I know what it’s like to want to lay your head down at night feeling like you’ve accomplished something, yet most of the time it feels like you’re just thankful for keeping the tiny humans alive.

  • That’s what I’m here for. Here at Fantabulosity, you’ll find peace knowing you’re not alone and the tools to help you in all the areas of “busy mom life” so we can get you that free time in the evening that you crave. Whether it’s to read that book, watch Netflix with your husband, or to just go to bed early!
Dunkin Donuts - Drinking Coffee in the morning to get motivated

Why We’ll Be Virtual Best Friends?

Well I’m a true creative at heart, and I make it a mission to follow my passion wherever it takes me, whether it’s the Target dollar bin for goodies, on vacation with my family, or the kitchen for my 3rd cup of light-roast coffee and splash of seasonal creamer.

My family takes up the biggest chunk of my heart and are a big reason why I turned this amazing hobby into a full-time job that I absolutely love! They keep me centered and grounded and are a continual reminder of the importance of relationships.


Oh yeah… Food = Love around here, and butter is always at the top of my store list of my Walmart grocery pick-up app.

About Fantabulosity

Why I Started This Blog

A few years ago, when I had my first bundle of joy, I decided I needed something else of my own to have on the side, so I could take my mind off of diapers and feedings.

One day during nap time, I sat down at the computer with a cup of coffee, and before I knew it… I was blogging.

I absolutely love learning new things to improve the different areas in my life, and I’m passionate about sharing those with you too. Why keep good things to ourselves when we can share the love and see the joy in others?

So the topic on the blog and social media may change daily, but you’ll find this – it’ll be honest, it’ll be real, and it’ll be straight from the heart.

Lifestyle Blog - St Louis Missouri Jessica Burgess blogger

Why the Name “Fantabulosity?”

Why the name Fantabulosity? Well, because I truly think that we can live a fantabulous life through simplicity. (Fantabulous + Simplicity = Fantabulosity)

Focusing on what matters, enjoying the things in life that YOU care about and having fun while doing it is what life is all about, right? Which brings me to my tagline…

Real Life, Well Styled.

I want to inspire you to add simplicity and STYLE to your very REAL, and very busy life.

10 Random Facts About Me

A quick 5-minute video of 10 random facts that you may not know about me. Because well, I had a few minutes and I thought it would be a fun video to do. Maybe you and I have something in common?

Working With Brands

I’m very excited that you stopped by! I’d love to learn about your brand and marketing goals. If you’d like me to do a sponsored post for you, let’s start a conversation! Email me at: jessica@fantabulosity.com and I can send you my media kit and rate sheet to make things even easier!

I offer (but not limited to):

  • Recipe development
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Sponsored posts with strong SEO
  • Tasty Style videos
  • On-Camera videos
  • Commercial Creation
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Event Representation
  • TV Segments
  • And more… just ask!

With my creativity and attention to detail, I can tailor all sponsorships to fit your company’s needs and requirements.

I’ve been told that it is a pleasure working with Fantabulosity because of my tendency to go above and beyond for every brand that I work with. You’ll find that I’m timely, detailed and a great communicator. The perfect combo for partnerships!

I can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to email me at jessica@fantabulosity.com

Thank You!

So, grab a cup of cinnamon flavored coffee (don’t forget the mint-flavored creamer… my fave), sit back… put your feet up, and let’s chill out. (OMG, do people still say “chill out,” or did I show my age? Scary.)

Thank you SO much for stopping by, and please let me know that you did! You can contact me at any time by email: Jessica@Fantabulosity.com!

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