I had always wanted to host a Christmas Play Date, and as soon as my oldest got old enough to interact with others, I started the planning process.¬† ūüôā

The Christmas play date consisted of sweets, treats, and a lot of fun!

Christmas Play Date

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-31


The fantabulous Snowman printables are from Amanda’s Parties To Go!¬† I try to always use printables for a party, because it can add a lot of “BAM” to your party details, and it’s very inexpensive.¬† This party was no exception.¬† The printables totally set the tone for the play date.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-32

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-34

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-21


The party theme stemmed from the adorable invitations I found at Cakes and Kids Designs.¬† I changed the wording just a bit, and it worked like a charm. ¬†(Note: I “blurred” out my address on this picture, because I didn’t think everyone needed to know exactly everything about me.¬† ūüôā¬† But rest assured, the invites came out flawless!)

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-1-3

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-33

Donut Snowmen

Oh the donut snowmen!¬† These were so simple to make, and¬†they turned out¬†soooo stinkin’ cute.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-19

I put 3 white powdered donuts on a skewer, wrapped a fruit roll-up around the “neck.”¬† I added an orange “Mike¬†& Ike” candy for the nose, and mini chocolate chips for the eyes.¬† **I did add a little white frosting to hold the “nose” in, so it wouldn’t fall out.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-20

Sugar Cookies

Get my favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe HERE!

I ALMOST paid someone to make the snowflake sugar cookies.¬† Then I found super cheap snowflake cookie cutters online, and thought to myself, “Oh why not give it a try.¬† If they look horrible, I’ll just do without.¬† The kiddos would have enough sweets to go through anyhow.”¬† To my surprise, the recipe I used, and the cookie cutters I used, worked out great!¬† I will forever make these around the Christmas season.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme https://fantabulosity.com

Glistening Marshmallows

White chocolate covered marshmallows, should be referred to as “A Heavenly Sugar Rush.”¬† These were so easy to make, and they added a great touch to the dessert table. ¬†(It did take me quite a while to find peppermint sticks in the store though!¬† Who knew these would be so hard to find!)

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme Marshamallow Peppermint Sticks

For some added d√©cor, it’s always fun to add water bottle labels to your water that you have for your guests!

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-4

Cupcake Toppers

Oh my… where do I even begin.¬† I’ll never forget the day I opened up the snowman cupcake toppers in the mail.¬† I was blown AWAY at how adorable these were.¬† No way in the world did I think they’d ever look as good as they did on Cherry Bay Cakes, Etsy Shop.¬† You wouldn’t BELIEVE the compliments I received on these, and I will now FOREVER order from Cherry Bay Cakes, when I’m having¬†a party.¬† Amazing customer service, and an amazing product.¬† Can you believe these were edible AND delicious too?¬† Dead Serious.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-6

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-10

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-11

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-12

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-13

I had a few peppermint sticks left over from the white chocolate covered marshmallows, so I snuck them in on the dessert table, in an adorable little snowman tin I picked up at Walmart.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-8

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-9

Christmas Tree Cones

Gosh, another favorite of mine from the play date… The Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers.¬† I bought small sugar cones, covered them in the “ready to decorate” green frosting, and they made the perfect little Christmas trees.¬† I put a little frosting on the top of the cupcake, and sat the trees right on top!

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-15

Yep, not gonna lie.¬† I totally bought these at the grocery store the day before the play date.¬† They looked amazing and looked like they were meant for a snowy play date. ¬†(I sprinkled a little powdered sugar on top to give it a little more of a “wintery” look.)

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-27

I had so much fun trying to think of fun “wintery” names to call the snacks and goodies.¬† White chocolate covered pretzels were a shoe-in for “icicles.”

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-25

Would you believe that the popcorn was the biggest “hit” as far as snacks for this party?¬† Everyone loves popcorn!¬† I added party color matching candies in to the mix, and it was a sweet & salty demanding goody.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-26

Spiffy Mocktails

Here we go again.¬† Quite possibly¬†one of my favorites about this play date.¬†¬†I wanted the momma’s to have a little something too, since the kiddos were getting all of the fun.¬† However, about 80% of our guests were¬†“expecting,” so I kept it¬†non-alcoholic, but trust me… they were still amazing.¬† Lemonade,¬†cranberries, raspberries, and sprigs of mint made such a¬†refreshing mocktail.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-29

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-30

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-35


I couldn’t let the little guys’ and gals’¬†leave empty¬†handed.¬† Each guest received Christmas goodies to play with for when they got home.

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-23

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-22

Photo Booth

I thought it would be totally fun to have a Christmas photo booth at our play date.¬† I encouraged mommy’s to get in with their kiddos, and we snapped away!¬† This is my little guy and I, sportin’ some serious photo props.¬† ūüôā

Christmas Play Date Snowmen Theme-2-2

Jessica Burgess, Fantabulosity Blog

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