A Camping Sleepover Birthday Party! How fun is this! It's all so cute!!! Camping Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas! Pottery Barn Kids, fake fire, tents, sleeping bags, fire birthday cake, kaleidoscope, birthday banner.
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Camping Birthday Party Ideas for Indoors

Camping Birthday Party Ideas for Indoors: Grab a few tents, and celebrate the outdoors, indoors with a "camp-in," sleepover party and activities for kids! I am THRILLED to share with you, one of my latest party themes...a Camping Birthday Party for indoors, inspired by Pottery Barn Kids! Camping Birthday Party Ideas for Indoors This camping party theme is ideal for any age boy or girl! You can really turn it in to a sleepover, or you can just "pretend," it's a sleepover, with the younger little guys and gals.  Can you imagine how excited the kiddos would be if they were able...

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