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Fantabulous Garage Organization Ideas

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Creative Garage Organization Ideas

When I asked you all on Facebook, which area in your home needed organized the most, “Garage Organization,” was the most requested! So I immediately started looking for ideas, because friends… my garage needs organized too! So here we go:

First I’m going to show you two realistic garage organization ideas. I did find some garage’s that were fan-freakin-tabulous, but let’s be real. You know some of them were probably done by professionals, and most of us don’t have the time to accomplish that. My goal is to help you find ideas that can be realistic, like when I give you all of the other organizing tips and tricks! Ok, get ready for some awesomeness:

This amazing garage organization came from The Creativity Exchange, and I’m in “Awe.” Right? Can you say, “Jeallllous!”

Garage Organization Ideas, Peg Board and Tools

Ok seriously… it’s getting a little crazy awesome up in here with this garage organization. Amy from The Idea Room,  killed it with her garage organization. I love how she used the locker idea, that way it keeps things out of site, and totally organized. Brilliant!

Garage Organization Ideas with lockers

Ok, well those pictures are gorgeous, but they had to do it one thing at a time too, so let’s take it step by step:


Beginning Steps To Organize Your Garage:

  1. Back the car(s) out of the garage and away from the doors, so you don’t have to work around them.
  2. Pick up trash, if any, that is laying around, so you don’t have to work around it, and you can get a fresh “look,” at what is there.
  3. Get things off of the floor. Don’t worry about permanent storage just yet. Just get it up on shelves or in the driveway for now.
  4. Grab a broom {a large rectangular push broom kicks butt at this.}  Sweep that nasty garage out, and you’ll instantly see an improvement.
  5.  Oh yeah baby, time to organize. See below for my ideas on how to organize your garage in categories.

When it comes to my garage, I’ll probably start off by buying a shelf like below, {that I found at }, that way I can put things up and take up vertical space, rather than horizontal space.

Me? I’ll be putting those odds and ends items that never really have a home, on a shelf like this. {But in containers of course, with a label that possibly says, “Odds & Ends.” 😉

Get this shelf here: Commercial Shelving Unit


After I buy one {or two} of these, I’ll be evaluating my garage to see what kinds of things I can do to it, by using these awesome ideas below. I totally have garage envy right now, and can’t wait to get mine completed and organized this spring so I can share it with you all!

Tool Organizer

I bought wall panels like these below, to help keep tools out of the house, and organized, and in plain site! P.S. They’re still in the boxes, so I’m hoping to talk my sweet hubby in to hanging these for me soon! It even comes with the accessories to help organize even better:

Get the Wall Control Organizer here: Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Where To Buy Organizing Goods:

Alright… have you ever been to a Container Store? OMG. It’s an organizers Heaven. They have TONS of items you can organize any room in your home with. I mean, so many that you can just buy the organizers, stick some items in it, and you all of a sudden feel like a professional organizer. No creativity needed. Go browse their garage organization items here: The Container Store

Ok now that you’ve been to the container store to see how you can organize a ton of stuff, here are a few ideas that can help you decide how to organize certain garage items.

Organize Those Toys:

Over at Domestic Charm, I found this super cute way to organize toys for the kiddos. I believe she used a vinyl cutter to make the labels, but there are tons of ways you could personalize your buckets. Print off tags or labels and have them tied with string to each bucket (this is what I’ll do), or you could stencil on the bucket with paint! Options are actually endless!

Buckets for toys - Garage Organization

Quit Tripping Over Balls:

Useful Beautiful Home had a great idea of using a tall laundry basket to store all of the balls that are usually strung all over the garage! What a cheap and creative idea!

Organize Your Garage, Great storage idea for balls

Each Toy Needs a “Home.”

This is BY FAR, my most favorite way to organize the large toy items for any garage. Once again Useful Beautiful Home, came through with an awesome idea. By creating “sections,” in the garage for these large toys, your kids can be apart of the organization process. It will teach them to always put the item in the correct location. Love it!

Large Toy Organization for Garage

No Mudroom?

Now, if you don’t have a mudroom, you may want to create a space in your garage for muddy and dirty shoes, right by the entry door to your home, right? Makes complete sense. Check out how Homey Home Design created a shoe rack in the garage out of what looks like a bookshelf! Keep your eyes open at a yard sale, flea market, or an auction, and paint it a super cute color for your garage.

Shoe Organization Idea for Garage

Gosh I love this monogrammed peg board idea. Possibly because it has a “B” on it, and that’s what I would have? Nah, I love it because it’s cute and every garage needs some cuteness. Sorry dudes. If a gal is organizing it, we need to be able to put a little flair on it, right? Organizing Made Fun created this awesome peg board, and for super cheap! They said a 4×8 sheet is only about $12 at a home improvement store. Boo-Yah!

Monogram Peg Board Garage Organization Ideas

Ok I could go on and on with garage organization ideas, but I better stop there, so I can get to planning my own garage organization.

What about car organization? I have the BEST way to keep your car organized, and I tell you should always keep in your car here ——> Car Organization

Will you be utilizing any of these ideas for your garage organization? Let me know, I’d love to see and hear what you came up with! Need help

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Creative Garage Organization Ideas

8 thoughts on “Fantabulous Garage Organization Ideas

  1. Zan says:

    Those garages are amazing! You should see mine – well, maybe you won’t want to see it!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hahaha! I’d love to see your garage! Mine isn’t the best right now either so I’d like to know that I’m not alone! Haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jen says:

    I love, love, love, the painters tape on the floor as parking spaces! I pinned this so I can use it!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh good!!! I’m so glad it helped!! Thank you for coming by!

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  4. Kim Davis says:

    How did you make the big B monogram? I’m guessing a template of sorts… do you have source?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Kim! I actually didn’t make this one, but you can see the reveal on Organizing Made Fun here: Good luck! Isn’t it all adorable!? 🙂 Thanks for coming by! XO

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