All White Christmas Party

An All-White White Christmas Party: Classic, white decorations and party foods, made styling this party incredibly easy and a perfect match to the white snow falling!

White Christmas Party Ideas Dessert table

I planned an all white Christmas party for our closest friends, and it was a BLAST. We were honored to have Santa Claus come visit with the kiddos, adults were able to have a Christmas “beverage,” and it was a weeknight filled with fun and laughter. A great way to get a “break,” in the middle of a stressful workweek, and at one of the busiest times of year.

All White Christmas Party

Gift Giving from Santa

Each parent brought a wrapped gift with their child’s name on it, and dropped it in the gift “container,” that I provided on the front porch. When Santa came to visit, he brought the big container in with them, and distributed the gifts to each child. It was an absolute success, and the kids were totally shocked. (For an even bigger surprise, we didn’t tell the kiddos that Santa was coming for a visit. The looks on their faces were priceless when they saw Santa walk in the door!)

White Christmas Party Ideas

White Party Decorations

I absolutely loved the view that our guests had, when they were walking up the sidewalk, to the front door. They could see the goodies from a mile away, and they couldn’t wait to get inside and see what kind of scrumptious items were waiting for them.

White Christmas Party Ideas Dessert Table Spread

If you followed my home tour, you know that when we were building, I REALLY REALLY, wanted a dining room that had a “buffet,” area for entertaining. I have to say, it has come in super handy. (Only problem is… even as big as it is, I still seem to fill it up on the amount of food I serve. Oh well!)

White Christmas Party Ideas Display Table

Before I started planning for the party, I had no idea how easy it was to throw an “all-white,” party. White is EVERYWHERE! When it comes to food… options are even more endless. (It also didn’t hurt that I already had an obsession with white serve ware, so I had that part covered.)

White Christmas Party Ideas Display Table

Food Tents

When I was browsing Etsy, planning for the party, I found the PERFECT food tents, and I had to have ’em. Absolutely adorable snowflake food tents, from Trim & Tinsel, were just what I needed.

White Christmas Party Ideas "Sweet" food tent

White Christmas Party Ideas Sweets Food Label

White Hot Chocolate – Build Your Own

Mmmm… I can still taste it. White Hot Chocolate was served with all kinds of garnishes. I made the hot chocolate in my crockpot earlier in the day, and pre-poured it, right before the guests arrived. It was delish.

White Christmas Party Ideas White Hot Chocolate

White Christmas Party Ideas Cinnamon Sticks for hot chocolate bar

White Christmas Party Ideas- White Hot Chocolate Bar toppings

White Christmas Party Ideas White Hot Chocolate Bar add-ins

White Christmas Party Ideas- Dessert Table

White Christmas Party Ideas Dessert Table

White Signature Cocktails

If you’re an adult, you can almost guarantee I’ll have a signature cocktail waiting for you at any party that I throw. It’s a great excuse to try a new drink, and you can have some fun with it.

For this party, I found a drink recipe that included RumChata, and I sugar coated the rim of the miniature tasting glass. The drink was unbelievably sweet, so a mini martini glass was the perfect size to serve it in.

White Christmas Party Ideas Sugared Rim

White Christmas Party Ideas Rumchata Cocktails

White Christmas Party Ideas Rumchata Cocktails

Sugar Cookies

This was my first year making sugar cookies. I know, I know. I was 30 years old, and had never made sugar cookies at Christmas time. So… I ordered a snowflake cookie cutter, grabbed a white icing pen… and went to work. Ok, now I know why you all make sugar cookies and decorate them at Christmas. It was so fun, and they were so tasty! Get my favorite Sugar Cookie recipe HERE!

White Christmas Party Ideas Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Store Bought Desserts

About a week before the party, I kept my eye open for anything “white.” I was so surprised to see how many fun foods were “white!” The meringues below, were totally store bought… and added a great touch to the party.

White Christmas Party Ideas Candies

Yep. These were store bought too. Cream puffs!? Yeah… thinking about throwing another “white,” party so I can have these again. Holy Moly.

White Christmas Party Ideas

Store bought “puppy chow,” was divided in to small baking cups, and the kids thought it was made JUST for them! Take and GO!

White Christmas Party Ideas Puppy Chow

Candy + Popcorn = A Hit!

Ok, who knew popcorn would be such a hit at a party? Everyone loves popcorn! Throw a little candy in it, and they’ll go NUTS! (Mmm…you could add some nuts too. I bet that would be excellent!)

White Christmas Party Ideas Popcorn Mix

Oreo Pops

I had never made Oreo balls either, and I thought covering them with white chocolate and white glittery sprinkles, would make a perfect dessert option. Because really… we were lacking in the “sweets,” department, I’m sure.

White Christmas Party Ideas Oreo Balls

White Christmas Party Ideas Cake Pops

Mini Cheesecake Trifles

Well ok. Ready for my secret? Yep… bought a tub of cheesecake filling at the store, filled my tasting shooters and topped it with crushed graham crackers. Whew! Whole thing took 5 minutes. By FAR the most loved dessert at the party.

White Christmas Party Ideas Cheesecake Trifles

There you have it! Throw a party, and make the color scheme ALL white. It was unbelievably easy, and was a classy Christmas party theme idea by far.

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All white Christmas party decorations and food ideas

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All white christmas party ideas! So classy and so easy to decorate with white!