Father's Day paint project for kids
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Finger Paint Art: “I Love You Daddy”

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For Father’s Day this year, I knew I wanted my kiddos to craft up something special for their daddy, so off to Pinterest I went. 

I saw the cutest finger paint idea from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, using sticker letters!  So when my girlfriend texted me saying that we should get the kiddos together for a playdate that day… I knew it was the perfect time to try this finger paint craft out!

Finger Paint Art - Father's Day

“I Love You Daddy” Finger Paint Art

I grabbed a small folding table, and set up the “painting station,” outside in our back yard.  (Not that I don’t trust our little hands to keep them on the canvas or anything) and prepped it for our little sweeties to get ready for some finger painting fun.

Finger Paint with scrapbook stickers

I had a few canvases, along with some scrapbook letters to create our finger paint art, and as always… finger paint on hand for our painting-loving toddlers.

Fingerpaint art for father's day

Trust me, if you’re doing this, you’ll want a LOT of paper towels on hand.  Wiping the brushes after rinsing… wiping their hands off, wiping the tables off… just plan to have ‘em ready!  They make clean-up a breeze because let’s face it, paint + toddlers = guaranteed mess.

Outdoor finger painting

It wasn’t long, and the little hands were gathered around the table, and we were handing out instructions.

I Love you Dad Finger paint art


I applied the stickers ahead of time to spell out what I wanted, so all the kiddos would have to do is paint around them.  If they were a bit older, I would have let them apply them, but I took one for the team this time.

I adore how this craft idea, could practically be for any holiday, or gift idea! Just spell whatever you like, and let the kiddos go crazy with the painting!

Then, when the paint dries, simply peel off the stickers, and you have a nice little message in bold white letters!  Watch what I mean, through my pictures…

Scrapbook sticker painting for father's day

Father's Day Craft Idea

Father's Day Kids Craft Ideas Presents and gifts

Outdoor kids painting for father's day

Toddler Painting for Father's Day

My friend had her kiddos do a little something different with theirs, by leaving space in the middle, to do some hand & footprints.  So, so cute!

Father's Day Painting Craft for Kids

Daddy I Love you fingerpaint gift idea

Finger Paint Craft for Father's Day

I Love You Father's Day Gift Ideas from kids

Footprint Father's Day Gift Ideas

Hand prints for father's day, craft ideas from kids

Dad father's day gift ideas hand finger paint

Have a roll of papertowels when fingerpainting outside

Peel back scrapbook stickers after painting for kids or toddler craft

Sometimes the letters that you get, may not stick SUPER well to the canvas, so you may have some paint “bleed,” underneath.  If that happens, a white paint pen can easily cover up any leaks that you may have!

Use a white paint pen to erase finger paint

Finger Paint Art - Father's Day

Once you remove the stickers and touch-up any areas where it may have bled through… it’s perfect for gift-giving!

I Love You Daddy Fingerpaint Idea for Father's Day Gift Ideas

Listen, we all know how I love simplicity in my life.  As a busy mom, shortcuts are golden.  So if it can go in the dishwasher… it’s going to go in the dishwasher. 

Clean-up was a breeze, because I was able to put my dirty paint dishes right in the dishwasher after our play-date, and my husband never even knew what happened when he got home.

Put paint supplies in dishwasher

I absolutely loved turning our Father’s Day craft-time into a play date with friends.  Now, we are all ready for Father’s Day, the kiddos were able to play, and the mommas were able to have some grown-up chat! All in all, it was a FABULOUS day!

I hope this Father’s Day art project is something that you’d like to try with your kiddos one year.  It was incredibly easy, and the kids LOVED it.  Pinterest for the win!

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