A day in my life of blogging - current work load, target shipment and sneak peeks!
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VIDEO: Inside Look as a Work-at-Home Mom + Blogger

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VIDEO: Inside Look as a Work-at-Home Mom + Blogger – Target Shipment, Current Open Tabs on my Laptop + Airbnb Photoshoot Sneak Peek for upcoming photoshoot! 

A day in my life of blogging - current work load, target shipment and sneak peeks!

Inside Look as a Work-at-Home Mom + Blogger

Ok, so now THIS was fun. While “working” the other day, I decided to have you join in to get a behind the scenes look at what it is that I actually do during the day while I’m working at home as a blogger/mom.

I’ve had people ask me recently,

Ok… so WHAT is it, that you actually do?

It makes me chuckle when someone asks that, because I totally get it. Although blogging has been around for a while now, if you’re not in the thick of it, you may not actually know what it is. But rather than do a video about blogging, I thought I’d turn my laptop camera on… and just bring you “inside” and show you:

  • What tabs are currently open on my laptop (I TOTALLY didn’t prepare for this, so we “wing” it and roll with it.) You’ll see what tabs I leave open typically on my laptop during the day, what I’m currently browsing and researching, and even a couple I can’t show (for personal reasons), but I explain why.
  • Then, I unbox my current Target shipment! It has the cutest Opal House goodies in it that I’m using for my hot dog bar that I’m styling for Oscar Mayer!
  • I also unbox the sweet gift that General Mills sent me for Mother’s Day, and I tell you a little about how brands send bloggers goodies from time to time, and why.
  • THEN… I take you on a virtual tour of the Airbnb I rented for the upcoming photo shoot. Seriously… you’re going to LOVE it. Let me just say…#GoldDoor
  • … and so much more! So come along, and join me on a typical day as a blogger/work-at-home-mom!

Behind the Scenes Video Reel

Links I Mentioned in the Video:

In the video I chatted about a few things that you probably want direct links to, so I’ve included those for you here:

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Airbnb that I’m Renting HERE!

Name Cheap: (The site I use to buy ALL the domains!) You can search for your own HERE!

Link to some of the Target goodies I received: (affiliate links)

or search all of the Opal House Melamine Dishes HERE!

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A behind the scenes look of a work at home mom and blogger! Fantabulosity

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