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The Importance of Blogging Relationships, Even as an Introvert

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The Importance of Blogging Relationships, Even as an Introvert: Building blog relationships was and IS vital in growing my blog and I’m sharing how I build them, even in my yoga pants at home! Hey introvert… so good to see you here! Not an introvert? That’s totally ok. You can keep reading because the tips I give in the video on building blogger relationships are critical for you too. I just call out introverts, because I’ve found that so many of us have found joy in blogging because we can communicate and be social, all while sitting in our yoga pants, on the couch, alone, and only when we want to.

Being Social? I’m Doomed.

If you become super terrified when you hear someone say that it’s important to build relationships in the blogging world, then this video and blog post is for you. I was once, and still am, an introvert… I mean for real, does THIS look like an extrovert to you? Jessica Burgess Early on in blogging, I’d sit and listen to podcasts, watch blogging how-to videos, and over and over I’d hear extroverts say “Get out there, build those relationships. Go to conferences, meet another blogger for lunch, attend networking events, etc.” I thought I was doomed, and panicked, thinking I’d never grow as a blogger if I didn’t get out there and be social. So, I sucked it up, scheduled lunch with other local bloggers, bought tickets to conferences all the way across the country, and dealt with my anxiety with faking inside that I was an extrovert. But, I quickly learned that faking being an extrovert wasn’t for me. There HAD to be a better way to build relationships, without leaving my house. Because really, there was nothing more I loved, than sitting behind my computer and communicating with others, only when I “felt like it”.

“Wait A Minute… I Can Network From Behind My Computer?”

A couple of years in, I finally realized that I could build relationships in the blogging world, all while staying true to myself as an introvert, and it was as if the clouds parted and the heavens opened up.

Now I will say that through the years, I’ve actually changed on the introvert/extrovert scale, (there’s nothing more that I’d love right now than to get together with some gal pals I’ve never met for a weekend retreat at the beach for some much-needed girl time… but that’s a story for another day) but I do still find myself an introvert the majority of the time.

Blogging relationships

How to Build Blogging Relationships

Friend, I want you to know that it IS possible to build blogger relationships as an introvert, and it’s INSANELY important. In the video below, I share exactly why it’s important to build those relationships, why it was vital in the growth of my blog, and all of it can be done from behind your computer, and in the safety of your surroundings. This video is a part of the mini courses that I’ve created for my blogging clients, and I decided to offer this one for free, because I feel it’s THAT important and want to encourage all of you to push forward!

But If You Want To…

Now please don’t hear what I’m not saying. You can (and I still do!) attend and speak at conferences, meet locals for lunch, etc. only when I want to, and not because I have to… and I get a TON of value from it. But it’s a-ok if you don’t do that, and don’t want to do that. However, building relationships through blogging (even from behind a computer) has helped me grow my own blog in more ways than I can count. Blogging relationships

So Do It… Reach Out. Even To Me!

I so hope these tips helped you, encouraged you, and inspired you to “get out there” and build those relationships. If you need/want to practice reaching out to a blogger to give this a try, I’ll totally be your guinea pig. Never hesitate to reach out to me for help, because I absolutely adore helping others if I’m able.

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7 thoughts on “The Importance of Blogging Relationships, Even as an Introvert

  1. Mauri King says:

    I think this is my problem, but in the opposite way! I’m such an extrovert, and because of it, I’ve found developing blogging relationships to be EXTREMELY difficult, because it is totally not in my nature to reach out via social media or online. I’m very much of an in-person networker. I always have been! I personally am far better at connecting with people in person than I am online. See how that totally gets me in trouble when it comes to blogging?!

    However, being the stay/work-at-home-mom of little kids, I don’t have the ability to attend conferences or go to meet-ups, so online is where I need to be. With the free time I do have, I want to spend it with the people who are already in my community – my family, my dearest girlfriends, my church, etc. I’m having to really, really buckle down this year and find other blogging women who I resonate with, and I’m finding that to be quite the challenge online because it takes so much longer to cultivate those relationships, and that’s already something that so many of us work-at-home mamas lack: TIME. I’m definitely willing to invest the time if I feel like I’m investing it with people who are mutually receptive and responsive, but it takes sooooo much time just trying to find the right people! Any suggestions for those of us who struggle with this?!

    1. Mauri King says:

      P.S. I’ll put your video on my to-do list for tomorrow. 🙂

    2. Jessica says:

      Hi Mauri! I’m SO glad that you asked this, and I’m so sorry for taking so long to respond. We have been covered up lately and I wanted to make sure to respond when I had more time to focus on this! 🙂

      You know, this all makes total sense. Since I’m not an extrovert, I didn’t even think about this being a challenge, but I can see how it can be!

      Ok, so I think the beautiful thing about working online and building relationships online, is that it can be a 24 hour/day thing. So your blogging friend can respond/reply to emails/messages when it’s convenient for him/her… whether it’s midnight or 12:00 noon at nap time.

      It will definitely take some trial and error to find the right relationships. I’ve been through a few where I felt like I was the only one contributing, and then some where I sucked as a blogging friend. (I hate to admit that… but it’s true. Life happens and thing can get pushed to the back burner, and I have been totally guilty of that.)
      So if you “go in” knowing that every person you try to build a relationship with, may not work out, or may not contribute as much as you do… it may not be as disappointing. But just like with any relationship, I think keeping an open mind when it comes to investing in the relationship, focusing on what good COULD come from it, rather than how much time could potentially be wasted from trying, may work out better in the long run. I also look at it like, when I’m offering to share someone else’s content, or support them… no matter if it doesn’t work out to form a relationship, a quick share or quick message of moral support really doesn’t take that much time, and you can never go wrong with helping someone or being nice. 🙂

      Now something else I thought about with extroverts in mind… lol… video chats totally intimidate me, as an introvert. If you could find someone to video chat with, to get that interaction that you love so much… would that help you at all? That way you can connect visually? It may be tough at first finding times that you both could do it, but it’s definitely doable and especially if it’s a monthly scheduled call.
      You may also be able to get a small group of people to do group video chats! How cool would that be!? That way if one person isn’t able to make it… the odds of others still making it for that group networking meeting that day, would be great!

      As far as finding these people, have you thought about checking in the Facebook groups that you may already be in? Or looking for groups on Facebook that may have some of the same interests as you? Or if you know of any bloggers that you admire/look up to, you could email them and ask if they are part of any blogging networking groups/masterminds that you may be a good fit for?

      I hope that makes sense. I also hope it helps a little. I’m always hoping to help in some way, so please don’t hesitate to ask another question, or let me know if this doesn’t make sense. 🙂 XO

  2. Elise Laney says:

    You’re the sweetest, Jessica. I love how you always respond to messages. 🙂

    Way to practice what you preach.

    1. Jessica says:

      Aw!! Well thank you so much Elise!

  3. Kimberly says:

    I really enjoyed this video and appreciate receiving all the information you shared. I’m an interior designer and have been on the fence about blogging for a long time and after watching your video you’ve inspired me to go ahead and try blogging. One of the things I liked about your video is your authenticity. You come across as a genuinely sweet person who enjoys helping people. Thank you so much for sharing your advice on building blogging relationships and your experiences. I wish you continued success.

    1. Jessica says:

      Aw, thank you so much Kimberly! That means a lot, and really helps me know that these types of posts and videos do help! I wish you so much success and I’m so excited for your blogging journey! If it helps, I have other posts about blogging that will help with a lot of different areas! You can see them all HERE! Good luck! XOXO

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