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Tool Box Organization

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Tool Box Organization: Ladies, I’ve found a way to justify my Silhouette Cameo Machine, with my husband. It was at this moment that my husband actually said, “I’m glad you have this thing!”

Oh ladies… if you’ve found yourself wanting a Silhouette Cameo Machine, but haven’t quite convinced your husband of “why” you need one, then I may have just found the PERFECT excuse to actually pull the Silhouette out of your online shopping cart, and go to the “checkout!” Gentlemen, if you’re reading this… this MAY be the “manliest,” thing I ever post about. So enjoy it. 😉

Tool Cabinet Organization

My husband was constantly opening drawer after drawer, looking for that “one” item that he needed. UNTIL, I mentioned to him…

Tool Box Organization - Justifying my Silhouette Machine

Honey, why don’t we just make some labels for your tool box drawers, with my Silhouette Machine?

Will it work?

Ha. Will it work… You betcha!

I simply measured each drawer, to know what size font to use, and had him write down what he would like each drawer labeled. Then, I ran off to my hole craft room, to get to work.

Tool Box Labels & Organization

Note: I made sure to wipe down each drawer with rubbing alcohol before attaching any of the labels, to make sure that it was a super clean surface, for added “stick” strength.

Tool Box Organization

I used white adhesive Silhouette vinyl to cut out each label (word). Then I used transfer paper to give me a hand while transferring it to the actual tool box.

After it was complete, I kid you not… I heard:

I’m so glad that you have this Silhouette Machine!

Tool Box Organize Ideas

Moral of this short story & tutorial?? Show this post/photo to your husband, and explain all of the neat things that you can do for “him,” (like Tool Box Organization) if you just go ahead and get that Silhouette Machine. 😉

If you’re ready to buy a Silhouette Cameo, this is the Silhouette Cameo Bundle that I purchased. I LOVE that it came with just about everything I needed. (But of course have since purchased other goodies to go along with my love for the thing.)

To Buy a Similar Tool Cabinet Like Ours: Buy on Amazon HERE!

Silhouette Cameo Machine

Silhouette Cameo Bundle - LOVE this thing! I can do SO many things with it!

Good luck,

toolbox organization

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