Trunk Club August 2017 Blue Maxi
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Trunk Club August 2017 Try-On Video and Photos

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Trunk Club August 2017 Try-On Video and Photos: Yep, this Trunk Club is the best I’ve ever had! Summer fashion with a few Fall staples sprinkled in.

Trunk Club August 2017 Try-On Video and Photos

Trunk Club August 2017 Try-On Video and Photos

Hey there! If you watched the August unboxing video, then you know how this may be my favorite Trunk Club shipment yet. Now, there were a few items in this box that made my eyes bigger than silver dollars with a

What the heck is this?

reaction. Now although those items didn’t make the cut, I’m in LOVE with the majority of items in this shipment. However, the gingham off-the-shoulder top and the jeans are my FAVE.

If you see something in the video (or photos below), I’ve included photos to each item at the end of this post! I’ve also included links to the items that I’ve paired along with outfits, that I’ve purchased at other times.

August Trunk Club 2017 Try-On Video

So what do you think? If I had endless amounts of moo-lah, I’d probably buy a ton of items in this trunk. But I better keep it practical here, and only keep a couple favorites.

Trunk Club August 2017 Photos

If you liked something in this trunk that you’d like your stylist to see, you can “pin” the photo(s) below to your fashion board and send to your stylist!

Links to buy each item at the bottom of the post!

Blue and White Campi from J Crew from the Trunk Club August 2017 Video and Photos

Black J.Crew Off the Shoulder square top Trunk Club 2017 August

Blue maxi dress from Nordstrom - Trunk Club Try On Video and Photos

Black and White Gingham Off the Shoulder Top from Nordstrom - Trunk Club August 2017 Try on Video and photos

Trunk Club August 2017 Review Try on video and photos - Rust embroidered long sleeve top

Denim Skirt from Nordstrom - August 2017 Trunk Club Try On video and photos unboxing

Denim floral jacket TopShop Nordstrom - Trunk Club August 2017 Try On and Unboxing video and photos

Steve Madden Floral Shoes Trunk Club 2017 August

Black Lucky Brand Sandals from Trunk Club August 2017 Try On video and photos

Shop the Items:

Ready to Try Trunk Club?

I’ve never felt better about recommending Trunk Club. I’ve always enjoyed it, but after this last box, I’m smitten with it.

If you’d like to try it out, I have a referral link you can use (HERE) (totally don’t have to) or you can just visit the Trunk and fill out your profile! Remember to be specific and detailed for your stylist for the best results!

Thank you so much for coming by! Until the next one, make sure to check out my other fashion + beauty posts HERE!

Trunk Club Review for Women August 2017

4 thoughts on “Trunk Club August 2017 Try-On Video and Photos

  1. Kristen T says:

    Such a cute trunk! The denim jacket is ridiculous! So 80s. Good choice in sending it back. Definitely look for a denim mini as it looked great on you. But maybe not one that has such a weird hem. I actually think the rust colored top looks amazing on you! It is my second favorite item in your trunk behind the maxi and I am not info boho styles at all. Thought the color and cut of it was great.

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh you’re kidding Kristen! That’s so good to know about the rust colored shirt! Thank you so much!! That helps a ton! XO

    2. Janet says:

      I agree, Kristen! That top looked GREAT on you, I was so surprised when you said you didn’t like it! Do consider that color when you’re shopping.

      1. Jessica says:

        Ok!! Thank you Janet, I sure will!!

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