Trunk Club October 2017 Review, Unboxing and try on Fantabulosity
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Trunk Club October 2017 Unboxing + Try-On AND a TrendSend Box!

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Trunk Club October 2017 Unboxing, Try-On AND a TrendSend Box: A collection of Fall must-haves including denim, cardigans, boots, and so much more! This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy here

Whew… there’s a lot in this one! Since I totally slacked on getting to this Trunk Club as soon as it arrived, I made sure to do the unboxing and try-on in the same day to speed things up a bit. But I also have something else unexpected in this one!

If you remember back… oh probably almost two years ago… I opened a TrendSend box on Facebook LIVE. It was a really good box, but never really gave it another thought because I had Trunk Club coming already. Well the other day I decided to give it another try, and I thought I’d open it for you today too!

Trunk Club October 2017 Unboxing + TrendSend

Alright, so first I have the Trunk Club unboxing video for you if you want to watch it, but feel free to skip on down to the try-on video if that’s more your style. BUT… do know that I didn’t do a try-on for the TrendSend, so you’ll only see those clothes in this video.

Shirt I’m wearing in this video: Shop it HERE

Trunk Club October 2017 Try-On Video

Eeek, so I kind of skimped out on the photos for this post. I tried to cram in so much today to get all of this done, and I thought I’d see if you all would mind if I skipped the photos. (I’m sorry, don’t hate me. But for real, let me know if you prefer photos for some reason, and I’ll see about taking them next time.) But you can find all of the links below (under this next video) to all of the items from my Trunk Club shipment and the Trendsend shipment!

So what do you think? I think this may be my favorite Trunk Club shipment yet. (But I think I’ve said that before.) Perhaps it’s the Fall colors that have me swooning??? But no matter what… my stylist did great!

To try Trunk Club too (and I THINK to be assigned to the same stylist I have) you can sign up here: Try Trunk Club (Fantabulosity referral link.)

More Trunk Club Videos?

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Thank you so much for popping over. I’d love to hear from you below in the comments if you would like to drop a line!

Trunk Club October 2017 Review, Unboxing and try on Fantabulosity

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