May Stitch Fix Review 2015
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2nd – Stitch Fix Review May 2015

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If you saw my first Stitch Fix Review May 2015, you must have seen my disappointment in the fix. I’m not one to complain, so I didn’t. I mean… I do Stitch Fix, for the fun of it! So when I didn’t keep everything, {for the first time in a LOOONG time} I didn’t really think anything of it!

I mean, I still totally have a crush on Stitch Fix.

But what was so cool about their customer service???

Well if you saw my post on my Facebook page, about how they totally redeemed themselves, when it came to my disappointment with my last “fix,” I told you that I couldn’t wait to fill you in, on what all they did!

See what they did: {if you’re not in the movie-mood, no worries… I fill you in below on what they did}

May Stitch Fix Review 2015

You’ll also see the new “fix,” that they sent me. I’m starting to wonder if I’m just not “hip,” anymore, and that’s my problem. Hmm…

Stitch Fix Customer Service

THEY are fabulous. Really.

1. I didn’t reach out to them. At all. They found me on Twitter.

2. They emailed me and apologized for the not so great “fix.”

3. They credited my credit card, $20 for the fix that I received, in which I was a bit disappointed.

4. They sent me a NEW fix, immediately {didn’t wait until my next scheduled time}, at no charge.

5. They put an internal note on my account, saying that I preferred Carrie to do all of my “fixes,” if possible, from here on out.

How amazingly cool is that!!?

So what about this fix? Well… I’m just not exactly sure. My first impression wasn’t “great.” But I do realize that it very well could just be “me,” being different.

I dunno. You tell me. What do you think?

I love the shirt… but once again, it’s totally big in the chest area, when I bend down. I’ll have to wear a tank underneath it, if I keep it. I do luuuuv the scalloped bottom. $58.00 {Eeeeek… I don’t think I want to pay that for a shirt that I’m not completely obsessed with!}

May Stitch Fix Review 2015

 I can’t get myself to like this one. The pattern. I just dunno. I don’t like it. $48.00

May Stitch Fix Review 2015

I’m a fan of stripes. {Even though I’ve recently seen myself in photos with stripes on, and I look about 20 lbs heavier. Stupid stripes.}  I’m not sure about this one either. $$44.00 What do you think?

May Stitch Fix Review 2015

Oh the shorts. Ugh. I know they’re totally in style, and I’m not… I suppose. I just can’t do it. $38.00

May Stitch Fix Review 2015

This is the front view of the shorts, in case you’re one of the people that can totally pull these off!

May Stitch Fix Review 2015

 I’m going to send this bracelet back. I kind of liked it’s “look,” at first.. but I think it looks a little “cheap.” $28.00
May Stitch Fix Review 2015


I had someone suggest trying on the red shirt with the shorts, to see if that looked good, and

I still don’t think I’m a fan of the shorts…

Stitch Fix Red Tank Black Shorts

Stitch Fix Review red shirt & shorts

I haven’t looked at the prices of anything just yet. Why? Because I want to concentrate on whether or not I like the clothing before I cloud my judgement with a price tag. {Sometimes that’s bad… sometimes that’s good.} 😉

Let me know what you think I should keep or send back, in the comments below, would ya?

Links to the extra goodies from the video that I recently purchased:


Recipe Box

Kate Spade Gold Coaster

17 pc. minimergency kit

 Until next time…


14 thoughts on “2nd – Stitch Fix Review May 2015

  1. Rachel says:

    Love the red/coral top. The other two tops aren’t so great. BUT the shorts, can you put a longer loose top, like the red one they sent you, over them? So all you see is the hem of them coming out the bottom? I think that is a better look with them since they seem to be high-waisted. And post a new pic? hehe. I just started following you after your last stitch-fix let-down and secretly love your accent (I’m in Cali) lol!

    1. Jessica says:

      You know… I didn’t even THINK about putting the red top with the shorts! Seeeeee… this is why I need people like YOU in my life! Lol!
      I will try and get a photo of that tomorrow. It’s super dark in my bedroom now, and I’ll wait for the sun to come back up so it will be a better photo.
      Ahhhhhh! I love hearing how you found me, and that you think I have an accent! LOL! That is too hilarious. Thank you so much for following, and for dropping a note! Keep the feedback a’comin. 😉

    2. Jessica says:

      OK, so I tried on the red shirt with the shorts… two different ways. {Pictures above} I still don’t think I’m a fan. Maybe I just don’t know how to wear them!

      1. Rachel says:

        Okay, so I actually LOVE them like that!! Any long flowy top would be cute with them! But everyone has different tastes and comfort levels so def don’t keep them if you are still iffy. Did you find out the price? I’m terrible but you could always run to an Old Navy and get a similar pair for cheap if you are still deciding on whether you can pull them off, lol!! Thanks for the update! xo, rachel

        1. Jessica says:

          REALLY!? Yeah… I’m still not loving them… but you’re right! I’m almost wondering if it’s just the pattern that I don’t like about them. If they sent me some oh.. say bright coral ones or something, I may just love them! 🙂

        2. Jessica says:

          Oh! Sorry, I forgot to tell you prices! I’ll go put those on the post now!

  2. Tanya Slater says:

    I think the coral top looks great on you! Defiantly keep that! The stripe one is cute too and I don’t think it looks to flowy. I wasn’t a fan of the shirt with the print you didn’t like and I also don’t like the shorts. I didn’t know that those were in style…I hope not for long ?

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much! you know… The striped shirts isn’t as flowy on, as I thought it would be when I first pulled it out of the box. I totally just looked at the prices, and the coral top is $58. Eeeeek…. I don’t know if I like it that much! I’m so glad that stopped by and dropped me a note! I love the feedback!

  3. kelley says:

    I love the red top on you and really love the fit of the second print top. It’s very flattering. I was using stitch fix for a couple of months and really love some of my pieces but then everything started looking the same or I didn’t like the fit or patterns. Both of my pairs of jeans’ buttons fell off and they were over 80.00 a pair. I guess I just wasn’t the girl for the program. I love your honesty about each fix. My favorite part was always the box and the notes from the “fixers” such a cute idea!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback!!! Oh no… you aren’t serious!!? {about the buttons!} That’s not good at all! You’re right though… the letters are always so sweet to read. I think that is a GREAT personal touch. XO!

      1. kelley says:

        Well, just on the back pockets!Both pairs. LOL

        1. Jessica says:

          But still!!! 🙁 If you ever remember what brand they were, let me know, would ya!?

  4. MEGAN says:

    I just recently found you on Pinterest while checking out everyones May fixes. You are so stinking adorable and your kids are precious! I will definitely be a regular on your blog now. I love the red shirt with the shorts- that looks so cute together! I get my fixes every 2 weeks also. I live in Alabama with terrible shopping! Stitch Fix has saved my wardrobe 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      Awwwwww!! Aren’t you the sweetest thing EVER! Thank you sooo much! Wooo Hooo! I’m so glad to hear someone else gets their fixes every two weeks like me! LOL! I’m so glad that you came by, and I do hope that you continue to stop by!!! You’re the best! XO

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