Cold, no-bake dessert salad recipes that are easy to whip up for a weeknight dessert or to take to that family gathering on the weekend!

Our favorites are the Snickers Apple Salad and the Pistachio Salad!

Pistachio Salad - Easy no bake dessert recipe
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Pistachio Salad

Pistachio Salad: A take on ambrosia salad recipes that uses simple ingredients like fruit, pudding mix, and marshmallows that's great for dipping! Pistachio Salad If you're like me at all, looking at this pistachio salad may have you thinking... "Um... will something like looks like "Slimer" from Ghostbusters really taste good?" To be honest, after we experimented and mixed this all together, I was sure it was going to go in the trash. Until I tasted it. O.M.G.

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%%page%% Snicker Apple Salad is the perfect holiday or potluck dish. Crunchy granny smith apples, chunks of snickers and a creamy pudding sauce.
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Snicker Apple Salad

Classic Snicker Apple Salad is sure to make the family swoon. Crisp, tart granny smith apples, sweet chunks of Snickers and a simple, creamy sauce bring this salad together, making it one of our FAVORITE salad recipes to date! Hey friends! This is a super simple and crazy delicious side dish that you’re going to NEED at your next potluck, Snicker Apple Salad. Snicker Apple Salad Hello, hello! It’s Meg from Meg’s Everyday Indulgence popping in again and I can't wait to share this recipe...

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Apple Salad - Creamy yogurt, pudding dressing
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Apple Salad with Fruit

Apple Salad with Fruit: A quick dessert or side dish idea, full of fruit that easy to make for a potluck or to keep on hand for guests visiting. Whether you're looking for an apple salad dessert like this one, or if you're looking for a lettuce salad that contains apples... then you're in luck! Scroll down to get this dessert-like apple salad recipe, or visit the 25 apple salad recipes that I gathered for you that includes everything from lettuce salads with apples, to more dessert style apple salad recipes! Then, if you're feeling like a total salad fan right...

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