debt payoff tracker printable
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Debt Payoff Tracker Printable

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Debt Payoff Tracker Printable: A free download to help you grasp the big picture and breakdown of your current loans! Digital version also available!

debt payoff tracker printable

If you’re like me, the words “finances”, “loans” or “bills” can make you cringe. I mean, who loves getting a bill in the mail? Or even more… thinking about what is owed on something?

But that’s part of life and we have to face it, right? Right. So we might as well make it as easy on ourselves as we can and do the best that we can to make it a little more enjoyable.

Have you read my post or watched the video on My Home Finance Routine and the Tools I can’t Live Without yet? You’re sure to find tips to help make your home finance life a little easier there too!

Debt Payoff Tracker Printable

Debt payoff tracker printable

The other day, I asked you all on Facebook and Instagram what printable you’d LOVE to have next and I have to tell you… you all have some AMAZING ideas!

So now I have a whole list of printables to have created for you and I’ll be rolling them out as soon as they’re finished! (But feel free to keep messaging me, letting me know what you’d like to see. I’m a printable junkie so I’m always happy to add to the list!)

One Fantabulosity reader suggested that we create a “debt payoff or loan payoff” printable and I thought that was GENIUS!

Being able to see the “big picture” of what is owed, all across the board, reduces my stress level and anxiety, like crazy! Because not knowing exactly what is owed, by when, and how much, can create this panic feeling that is so unnecessary!

So having a debt payoff printable to help keep track of this is exactly what I needed and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all too!

How to Use the Debt Payoff Printable

This printable is designed to focus on one loan, so you can keep track of it for months!

There are sections on the printable to also help with quick-reference items, like:

  • creditor
  • account number
  • starting balance
  • interest rate
  • credit limit
  • minimum payment
  • interest rate
  • target payoff date

I don’t know about you but I often find myself needing those items, whether it’s for tax purposes or updating documents… so having them handy on this printable is something that I can quickly check and refer to as needed! (Rather than digging in my file folders, trying to find the original loan paperwork.)

How to Use the Free Version:

If printing this free copy, simply download and print out as many copies as you need, for as many loans that you want to keep track of.

Have a finance binder or file folder?

Simply 3-hole punch the copies and insert them in to your binder or slip each copy in to your folder.

Then, each month you can turn to, or pull out the printable and add to the list!

How to Download the Free Printable

If you’d prefer a digital version immediately, where you can save it to your computer and TYPE in your info every month instead, then you’ll want THIS one!

Get this free debt payoff tracker download right away, when you join our Fantabulosity Family… for FREE!

If you’re already a member of the fab family, you were sent a password to the printable library when you subscribed! Search your email for “Fantabulosity” or “Yay! Here are Your Free Printables!” to find the original email with the password!

When you join the family, you’ll get access to tons of other free printables in my printable library to help you organize, simplify, and keep track of what matters most!

Just fill in your info below and you’ll get access to the free version!

Home Management Binder

If you love printables like this… then I have something SUPER exciting to tell you…

I’ve been keeping a secret and I can’t keep it from you any longer. I’ve had a home management binder in the works and I’m hoping to have it released VERY soon! In that binder there will be more printables like this one that helps you keep track of your finances, recipes, passwords, important dates and SO.MUCH.MORE.

I’ve needed to combine all the printables that I use in some way and you know me… I can’t keep a good thing to myself, so I’m sharing it with you!

So stay tuned for that to become available and subscribe to the Fab Family to make sure you’re one of the first to be notified!

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