Mexico Packing List free printable! Perfect for cancun, riviera maya, outifts planning, and what to bring!
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Packing List for Mexico: Free Printable

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Packing list for Mexico: Perfect for cancun and riviera maya vacations: outfits planning, and what all to bring! 

Mexico is my happy place. It’s a vacation destination that is my first choice, and a place that I dream of being on not-so-good days. Over the last few years, I’d say I’ve visited Mexico for an all-inclusive vacation about 10 times. It really NEVER gets old, and I’m never wanting to leave.

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What to pack for Mexico?

I’ve visited so often, that I tend to have readers ask me for advice when it comes to a Mexico vacation. So being able to help any way that I can, is something that I always strive to do. I wanted to start with providing a free packing list for Mexico. If you’re traveling there soon, this is a list of items that I always pack. Soon, I will be creating a post on Mexico Vacation tips, that will go in to more detail of what to expect when vacationing there. Tips like:

• Why an ink pen is important to take?

• Are spa deals at the resorts really worth it?

• Why you should pack a swimsuit in your carry on.

…and so much more. I can’t WAIT to jot all of my thoughts and advice on the subject. It may just take me back to vacation.

Packing List For Mexico

Feel free to print off this PDF to check things off as you go!

Packing list for Mexico: free printable! Perfect for cancun, riviera maya, outfits planning, and what to bring!

I’m assuming you’re here because you’re going on vacation to Mexico soon. I so hope you have a great time. But before you go, check out my posts, to give you a better idea of what the All-Inclusive Resorts look like:

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Packing List for Mexico

6 thoughts on “Packing List for Mexico: Free Printable

  1. marie says:

    hi Jessica, I have a cruise planned for November, this will be my first, but not my last, need to know what to pack , and some places to visit, all will be helpful, thanks

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Marie! You know, I’ve never been on a cruise! So I’m afraid I can’t help with what to pack for it! But I hope to go on one some day! 🙂

    2. Amber says:

      Hi! I recently went on a cruise In March! What cruise line are you traveling with? My family and I visited Cozumel and Progresso Mexico!! Pack lighter! You will need space to put all the stuff you buy while on the boat and in Mexico. As for the dinners you can wear nicer cloths if you go to a dinning room but you do not have to be formal for most of them unless told. My family wore shorts and a t-shirt most of the time how ever the mornings were kinda chilly as well at night so I would recommend a light jacket. According to the excursions you do when you get off of the boat will determine what kind of shoes you will need. If you get motion sick you will defiantly need some medicine for that. I hope this helps you at all! Have a great time!

      1. Todd says:

        No disrespect but I’ve been on a dozen cruises and would never tell anyone to buy on the boat!

  2. Stephanie says:

    No deodorant?! Pee-yew 😉

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh my goodness!!! That was left off of this list!! I can’t believe I never caught that. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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