This is SO cute! And easy... teacher gift, mailman, co-worker. Hot Chocolate DIY Gift Idea
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DIY “Hot Chocolate” Gift

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I can’t thank Regions Bank enough for sponsoring my little DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Idea that I’m sharing with you today, through Mom It Forward! #RegionsGreetings

Every year, I seem to over-do it financially, when it comes to gift giving.

Why?  Why in the world do we do that to ourselves?  This year, I’ve really thought about how I can still be the “gift-giver,” that I want to be, without breaking the bank.

This is SO cute! And easy... teacher gift, mailman, co-worker. Hot Chocolate DIY Gift IdeaDIY gift ideas are ALL OVER Pinterest.  I thought, “Why can’t I spend pennies, making something that would include a lot more “thought,” behind it, instead of buying someone another bottle of lotion or a candle that screams,

I totally just grabbed this, because I had to.”

Don’t laugh… you know what I’m talking about. 🙂

I was sitting in my dining room, staring at all of the recent goodies that I picked up, and a lightbulb went off.  Why couldn’t I go ahead and make a stash of DIY gifts, to hand out around Christmas time?  My wallet will thank me, and my crazy-stressed-out self, with thank me as it gets closer to gift-giving time.

I’ve had the CUTEST milk bottles, sitting around waiting for me to create something crafty out of them, so this DIY Hot Chocolate gift was perfect!

DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Idea

This is SO cute! And easy... teacher gift, mailman, co-worker. Hot Chocolate DIY Gift Idea

What you Need:

1. Milk Bottle

2. Individual package of instant hot chocolate mix

3. Mini marshmallows

4. Mini Chocolate Chips

5. Crushed peppermints

6. Cinnamon Stick

7. Gift Tag


• Pour the hot chocolate mix in to the bottom of the milk bottle.

• Next, layer the following in this order:

mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and peppermints.

• Finally, angle the cinnamon stick on top!

{You of course can layer them any way you like, but I found that this order really broke up the colors and allowed the “red,” from the peppermints to “pop.”

All the recipient will have to do is add hot water, and the all-in-one gourmet hot chocolate is ready to go!  Plus… they get to keep the cutsie little milk bottle too. 😉

{My milk bottles came with a lid, so I will put a lid on top for them, in case they aren’t ready to drink it immediately.}

This is SO cute! And easy... teacher gift, mailman, co-worker. Hot Chocolate DIY Gift Idea

I’m tempted to even make these for all of my guests who are coming to my “Favorite Things,” party that I’m hosting.  We will be having a hot chocolate bar, and I’m thinking these would make the most ADORABLE party favors for my guests… right!?

Tips for Saving your Wallet this Holiday Season

I know, I know… I’m pretty much combing two posts in one, but I can’t help it.  You’re obviously a “saver,” like me though… and want to help you save your money, wherever you can.  After reading a few tips from Regions Bank, I think putting these recommendations in to action… may save my wallet, and “ahem,” make my husband happier.

4 Ways to Spread Cheer & Save this Holiday Season

1. The Golden Rule: Did you know that spending on gifts shouldn’t exceed more than 1.5% of your annual income?  Um… yeah.  So figure out what this grand amount is, and then set it aside, and try super hard not to exceed it.

2. Separate & Delegate: Create a separate bank account for gift purchases, only making regular contributions from your primary account on a regular basis.  So you could start this on January 1st.  Set aside a little from every paycheck, and when December rolls around, you have money already set aside for gift giving!  Love this idea!

3. Only Buy what you can Afford: Write down what and who you need to buy for.  If you’re not sure “what,” write down “how much,” you can spend on that person.  When you’re shopping, stick to the list.  Don’t buy more than what your list says.

4. Think Timing: Did you know that items like “toys,” usually drop in price during the first two weeks of December?  I didn’t either!  Check for deals before heading out to shop, that way you know what types of stores you need to go to beforehand, and you don’t waste unnecessary time wandering {and potentially “buying,” other items you don’t need.}

This post was so fun.  I love sharing quick and easy ways to create something, AND saving you money. Woot Woot!

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This is SO cute! And easy... teacher gift, mailman, co-worker. Hot Chocolate DIY Gift Idea

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