Scalloped sleeveless dress in coral! This is so cute and cheap too!
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Playful Summer Coral Scalloped Dress

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Playful Summer Coral Scalloped Dress: A lightweight pink dress with adorable detail around the neck and hem. So comfy for a day out and about!

This scalloped coral sleeveless dress is SOOO cute!

Playful Summer Coral Scalloped Dress

Well you all, the new site is LIVE and I’m beeeee-yond ecstatic that it is. The 6 months of logo design, website back & forth and the decisions… or laawwwwed, the decisions! (Not easy for a girl like me who has a tough time deciding on where to even eat dinner on date night.)

But thanks to an amazing Fantabulosity team of people, it is up and looking like I’ve dreamt for years.

Let’s Talk this Dress:

So I’m chatting to you about the new look of the blog, because this is the dress that I wore in the social media announcement, and so many of you were asking about where I found it. I had mentioned that I would share the details very soon on the blog about this adorable little thing, and today’s the day!

Scalloped sleeveless dress in coral! This is so cute and cheap too!

Scallop Hem:

From the moment I saw this dress from The Red Dress Boutique, it screamed Fantabulosity. The color was on-point with the new sites branding colors, and the scalloped edges add such a fun feminine touch.

Love this Scalloped bottom on this coral dress

Gah! The scalloped neckline on this pink dress is adorable!

Material Detail:

The material on this dress was SUPER surprising to me when arrived. It’s almost a “spongey,” material. (So hard to explain in words by the way.) But that’s the best way I can describe it. The good thing? It’s super cool for hot summer days… and that is a plus in my book!

Pink Scalloped sleeveless dress is PERFECT for this summer! Coral scalloped dress

Ok you ready?!

There may not be anything more awkward than standing downtown in your hometown, getting ready to throw your arms up in the air for a photo. But the second I thought about how excited I’d be when the new site was up and LIVE…

Jessica Burgess of Fantabulosity St. Louis Blogger of Missouri Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

…it didn’t feel so awkward anymore.

Coral Scalloped Dress: Summer Pink Sleeveless dress. Perfect for a wedding, winery, or date night! Fantabulosity St. Louis Blogger - Fashion, Cooking, Home Decor and Lifestyle Blog

Where to Buy:

Normally, you can find this dress at the Red Dress Boutique, but of course they sold out right before I share this post with you! However, that happens a lot with this online store, because the clothes are so stinking cute, and affordable. So I’ll be sure to let you know when/if this dress comes back in stock!

BUT… I’ve linked to all of the adorable coral goodies on Red Dress Boutique right now! You can see it all HERE!

Now… if I can only refrain from buying more coral dresses this season. (It’s getting a little out of control.)


Coral scallop dress

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