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Trunk Club May 2017 Unboxing Video

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Trunk Club Unboxing Video for May 2017: Spring fashion is here, and the shipments keep getting better and better! A jumper, romper, and SO many beautiful colors! 

Um… don’t mind the segment in the video where I just can’t quite figure this top out. Full, hot-mess video below!

Trunk Club May 2017

Best Trunk Ever???

Well then, I have to say that my new Trunk Club stylist is NAILING my taste and style. I mean last month was fabulous, but this month was even better! It’s also as if she really really cares what items I’m looking for and need in my closet.

Ruffles? Florals? Bright/Spring colors?

Oh heavens yes please! I had told her that I needed more pops of color in my closet this season, because I gravitated more towards the neutrals last Fall/Winter.

Well she did not disappoint and there were so many beautiful colors in this box. Bright blues, greens, oranges, and yellows were all in there, and getting me all kinds of excited. But you’ll see that in the video below…

Trunk Club May 2017 Unboxing Video

After watching this, I SWEAR I must have accidentally hit the “fast forward,” during editing. I sounded like I was running a million miles an hour while opening and going through this box! Perhaps it was because I was THAT “anxious”, or that I was in a mad dash to swoon all over it before my kiddos came in again. #reallife #momlife

But regardless, please forgive my “forgetting to take a breath,” style of video this month! 

You Want to Try Trunk Club Too?

If you want to try Trunk Club too, I don’t blame you ONE bit. This box was crazy-good, and I’m tickled to death with it. If you sign up for it, and want to use my referral link, I’d LOVE that. But please know that you don’t have to. I just offer it in case you want to, and it can help fund future Trunk Club shipments! Click my referral link below to be taken to Trunk Club to sign up for your first shipment:

—> My Trunk Club Referral Link

If you sign up, I’d love to hear if you like it too! I always enjoy hearing what other people think about it.

See Something you Like in my Box?

If you saw something that you’d like to have in my box, you can buy it on Nordstrom’s website now! That’s what I love so much about Trunk Club. I don’t have to HOPE that I get it in my next box. I can just go snag it, before it sells out. Just click the piece below that you like, and it will take you right to that item on Nordstrom’s website!

Shop Now

(Scroll left – right to see all of the items!)

See you in a few days with a try-on video!

trunk club may 2017

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