Trunk Club Try On Video Review April
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Trunk Club Try-On Video April 2018

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Trunk Club Try-On Video April 2018: I’m so ready for spring to wear pinks, pastels, and ruffles… and this trunk did not disappoint! I even added a new favorite pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans, that I may or may not have worn 5 days in a row already!

I just love you all, and your feedback of the Stitch Fix and Trunk Club goodies that come in. What really cracked me up this time, was those of you from YouTube, saying that you couldn’t BELIEVE that I returned the Kut from the Kloth jeans in my Stitch Fix shipment, but now after watching this video and seeing THESE Kut From the Kloth jeans, you totally understand why I sent them back. (YouTuber’s get to see the video before it gets posted on the blog, so subscribe to YouTube HERE if you want early access.)

I can’t wait to hear what you think after you’ve watched this video too!

Trunk Club Try-On Video April 2018

Trunk Club Try-On Photos April 2018

Alrighty then. If you’re not in a place to watch the video, then I always want to make sure I have photos for you too. (Trust me, I get it. There have been many nights I’m laying in bed with my kids in the middle of the night, and browsing the internet… only to come across something I want to see, and can’t… because the video will wake them up.) So photos to the rescue!

Plus, with photos, you can pin the image of the item that you want, so your stylist can see what she should send in your next trunk!

Trunk Club April 2018 Kut from the Kloth denim jeans and Chelsea 28 Top

Oh how I LOOOOOOOVE this top and the jeans. They were love at first site, and I’m ashamed to admit that I have worn these jeans for like 5 days.

Pink Ruffle Sleeve Tee // Buy HERE!

Connie Skinny Ankle Jeans from Kut from the Kloth // Buy HERE!

Bow Tie Slide Sandals from Old Navy // Buy HERE!

Trunk Club Review - April 2018 Floral Top and Embroidered Jeans

Well although this top IS cute, I just couldn’t keep it. I don’t think I’d wear it enough to justify buying it… or it would be in my closet in a heartbeat.

The jeans… uh… as I mentioned in the unboxing video, I just can’t do the embroidered look yet. Give me one more year and I may be on board. (You know, when it’s probably out of style, and I’m still trying to look like that cool mom.) I totally forgot to talk about these in the video. But I’m sure I’d just say the same thing that I said in the unboxing video… “nah”.

Graceful Off the Shoulder Top // Buy HERE!

Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans // Buy HERE!

Embroidered Jeans and Blue Vince Camuto Top

Keeping the same jeans on, I went ahead and threw on the Vince Camuto top. I’m just not a fan of this color, although the style of the shirt is totally something I’d wear. Now, I DID find out that there are other colors in this shirt, and they’re super cute. Camo green and ivory are just two of the other colors available that I adore!

Vince Camuto Sleeveless Henley Blouse // Buy HERE!

Pink Ruffle Dress from Nordstrom - Trunk Club April 2018

Oh lawd… this hot mess of  dress is no bueno. It didn’t fit my body right, and the itty bitty button that’s supposed to hold the chest area button was NOT doing it’s job. That little thing popped open with ever inhale. Not keeping!
But hey, it could be cute… if it fits right on you and your body type.

Ruffle Wrap Dress // Buy HERE!

Denim Halter Dress and White Satchel

Now this dress looks WAY better in photos, than it did on. Now let me tell you something that I didn’t mention in the video. DURING the video, I felt like I had a parachute on, and even said that it felt boxy. But as I see it in the photos/video, it doesn’t look that bad.

Perhaps it was because I was looking straight down when I had it on, and saw how “ballooned” it looked at that angle. But seeing it here… it’s actually kind of cute!

The speedy studded satchel was cute, but I didn’t really need it… so it went back.

Denim Halter Dress // Buy HERE! 

Speedy Studded Satchel // Buy HERE!

Kendra Scott Drop Earrings - Trunk Club April 2018

I have some friends that absolutely adore Kendra Scott jewelry. I’ve never been in a Kendra Scott store, nor have I ever tried on any of the jewelry…. until this trunk.

Now, it’s cute… but since I don’t wear jewelry that often, I just couldn’t pay that for it. But if you wear jewelry, totally snag it… because I think they’re both super cute.

Sophee Textured Drop Earrings – Kendra Scott // Buy HERE!

Elton Station Cuff Bracelet – Kendra Scott // Buy HERE!

I have to say, the Tom’s shoes were super comfy and quite adorable. BUT… I just didn’t want to spend that much on them, when I was already using up credits and buy the jeans and pink top. OR, I totally would have kept them.

Jutti Flat Black Tom’s Shoes // Buy HERE!

Shop My Trunk:

So I always link to the items that I get in my trunk, so you can buy what you like from Nordstrom. But I have to say, these things don’t stay in stock long. I guess once so many see these items in trunks, they head over right away to snag them… so selling out has been happening a lot. So if you saw something from my trunk that you have to have, you may wanna go snag it!

Just click on the image below of what you have your eye on, and it will take it right to it!

Try Trunk Club?

Thank you so much for watching, coming by, and hanging out today. If you want to try Trunk Club, this is my referral link if you want to use it, but please don’t feel like you have to!

Then to browse my other fashion archives, unboxings, and try-on’s, you can see all of them HERE!

Trunk Club Try On Video

2 thoughts on “Trunk Club Try-On Video April 2018

  1. I love the jeans and top that you kept, but that denim wrap dress looked amazing on you too! I get it though…it’s so hard for me to see a blousy dress like that looking “flattering” on myself, even though I have others tell me how cute it looks on. We are our own worst critics!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh thank you Camille!! Yes we are! I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping a note and coming by! XO

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