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Cosori Toaster Oven Air Fryer Review

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Cosori Toaster Oven Air Fryer Review: This is WAY more than just a toaster oven! It will dehydrate, ferment, air fry, bake, and so much more!

Cosori had given me this toaster oven in exchange for a review!

COSORI 12-in-1 Oven Air Fryer Combo, Convection Toaster with Dehydrator & Rotisserie

I’ve had a “toaster oven” on my wish list for some time. But if you’re like me, I was a little overwhelmed with the variety and options out there.

There are…

  • Toaster ovens.
  • Toaster ovens with air fryer capabilities.
  • Small toaster ovens.
  • Big toaster ovens.
  • Toaster ovens that clean the house too.
    ok… maybe not that last one, but how nice would that be?

Then Cosori reached out to me and asked if I’d give their 12-in-1 toaster oven a try, and since I KNOW just how curious you are about all kinds of small appliances… it was a no brainer.

HOWEVER… as those of you in the Fab Family know…I never ever write about or do publish reviews on products that I don’t truly love.
Trust me, there are products out there that have been sent to me, and if it wasn’t a winner, it was sent back without recommendation.

But since you’re seeing this post and video review below, then that means I’m a fan of this toaster oven. And even though I’ve only made toast with it so far, here’s why I love it, and why I think I’ll love the rest.

If you’re not in a place to catch the video above, here’s what I love about this Cosori Toaster Oven so far.

What I Love About It:

  • It’s sleek design
  • It does SOOO much. (See below what all it can do!)
  • I can cook multiple pieces of toast at one time, rather than just two in my small toaster.
  • I can keep foods warm when dinner is done and waiting on dinnertime.
  • Toasting and cooking small items instead of warming up my big oven is a WIN!

What All It Can Do:

I’m honestly amazed at all that it can do. As I mention in the video, it does take up some counter space, however, it’s not any bigger than other toaster ovens my friends have.

But taking in to consideration that it can do so many of the things that I have other small appliances for… I could get rid of those and just keep this “all-in-one” appliance and then it makes a ton of sense.

Here’s what all it can do, and what it has presets for:

  • Pizza – this is perfect for those frozen pizzas my kids (and I) love so much or to make bagel pizzas!
  • Roast – Roasting a pork tenderloin in this thing is on my to-do list!
  • Airfry – French fries and chicken wings are going to be a must!
  • Toast – Love having the space to make multiple pieces of toast at once. It will come in super handy on school mornings!
  • Bagel – Same as the toast, I can’t wait to make everyone a bagel at ONCE especially when I’m hosting a bagel bar!
  • Bake – How cool to be able to bake things like cakes and muffins in this and not heat up the whole house!
  • Broil – perfect setting for those open-face sandwiches, toasting garlic bread or broiling the bread for bruschetta!
  • Cookies – I can’t wait to use this to bake these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with my kids, using this setting!
  • Rotisserie – This thing will cook up to a 5lb chicken! I’m going to love being able to make these to eat on for days in salad recipes, pasta, tacos and more!
  • Dehydrate – we LOVE deer meat recipes around here, so making jerky with the dehydrator is something we’re looking forward to!
  • Ferment – for all of you homemade bread lovers and DIY yogurt fans, I hear you’ll LOVE this setting!
  • Keep Warm – this function is going to be a lifesaver for when my family is late coming home from jiu-jitsu training and dinner is waiting on them!

Where to Buy this Toaster Oven

You can find this exact toaster oven on Amazon and as a Prime member, that’s my favorite place to scored small appliance deals for sure!

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