Bagel Bar Cart! So cute for an outdoor, back yard, brunch or breakfast.
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Bagel Bar Cart: For Brunch Houseguests

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Bagel Bar Cart: An adorable way to serve breakfast for house guests, or for a brunch/breakfast party. So easy too!

You know how every Saturday morning around the Burgess household usually involves houseguests, casual business meetings, and BIG breakfast shindigs?? Well recently for an extremely busy weekend here, I thought creating a bagel bar cart would be scrumptious, super easy, and pretty darn cute.

Bagel Bar Cart! So cute for an outdoor, back yard, brunch or breakfast.

Bagel Bar Cart For Brunch Houseguests

When it comes to food bars, I like setting up a variety of flavors and different options guests can choose from.

With something like bagels, the variety can consist of savory and sweet options like:

  • Blueberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic and Herb
  • Asiago Cheese
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Garden Veggie
  • Maple and Brown Sugar

…and the list goes on!

What Do You Need for a Bagel Bar?

  • Different varieties of bagels, cream cheeses, jams/jellies, and toppings to customize the bagel offerings.
  • Toaster oven or small toaster in case guests would like to toast
  • Knife for slicing bagels and knives for condiments
  • Veggies/Fruit to top bagels
  • Small tongs, or serving utensils for fruit/veggies
  • Small plates
  • Napkins
  • Coffee Cups/Beverage Cups
  • Coffee add-in’s, toppings
  • Drink Stirrers

Coffee Bar

If you have more time, offering coffee alongside your bagel bar is a great choice, since the two go hand in hand.

Check out the coffee bar that I styled, to get ideas for your own get-together!

Bagel Bar Cart, for brunch or breakfast gathering

Coffee creamer and sugar for coffee on breakfast bar cart

Cake Stand of the GODS. It's amazing!!! So cute with bagels in it too, on this bagel cart

Bagel Bar for a brunch or for morning coffee/tea. So fun and cute!

Flavored Cream Cheese samples on a bagel bar cart! So cute and fun!

Flavored Cream Cheese samples on a bagel bar cart! So cute and fun!

Bagel Bar Cart with coffee, so cute for breakfast or brunch party or when having friends over.

Bagel Bar Cart Ideas

Bagel Bar Cart Ideas:

If you have a cart to use like this one from Target

gold leather bar cart from target

…you can load the top with the cutesy items, and then fill the bottom with a toaster, Keurig, and extra plates and napkins.

You can load the top with an assortment of flavored and plain bagels. Cinnamon raisin, asiago, bacon/egg/cheese, french toast, and blueberry were the flavor selections this go-round!

Providing a choice of different cream cheeses and flavored butter was also super fun to experiment with. Garden vegetable on an asiago bagel was divine, and honey/pecan on the french toast bagel was quite tasty.

Bagel Bar Cart Accessories

Throw in a few cute & fun accessories and you have yourself an adorable little bagel bar cart.

• Cake Stand (Buy HERE)

SOOOO Cute! I love this cake stand from martha stewart!

• Spreaders for cream cheese and butter // Buy HERE!

• Creamer and Sugar Set (these may be the cutest I’ve ever seen!) //  Buy HERE!

I can’t wait to hear how your bagel bar cart turns out! Sadly, I love food so much that I’d even love to hear what flavor of bagels and cream cheese/butters you choose!

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DIY Bagel Bar Cart Ideas. This is perfect for when we have houseguests!

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