Flamingo DIY Drink Tray using Martha Stewart Paint
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DIY Stencil Drink Serving Tray

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As part of the Martha Stewart “Make it Martha” program, I received complimentary products to make this DIY craft. Thank you Martha!

DIY Stencil Drink Serving Tray: Using Martha Stewart’s new line of paints, we created the cutest flamingo serving tray for summer entertaining! 

Flamingo DIY Drink Tray using Martha Stewart Paint

DIY Drink Serving Tray

Since my childhood, I’ve been so infatuated with the creativity of Martha Stewart. She totally encompasses everything I love: DIY, cooking, home decor, flowers, and so much more. So I’m sure you can guess how I did cartwheels when I received the invitation to work with the “Make it Martha” program for Martha Stewart.

I may have jumped up and down, done a twirl, and left my husband saying “Uh, what’s going on, and why are you acting like that?” 

Martha Stewart Paint for DIY crafts

Here’s a peek at some of the Martha Stewart goodies that I’ve received. I canNOT wait to get to crafting a ton of DIY projects with the new line of paints and paint tools at Michaels!

Martha Stewart Paint for DIY crafts

DIY Stencil Drink Serving Tray Tutorial

The first craft I wanted to tackle was this drink serving tray. When the idea came to me, I knew EXACTLY where I was headed. To the FERGUSON FARM. My momma is the ultimate crafter, and she knows her way around a stencil or two. She was a huge help making this project!

This DIY tutorial was incredibly easy, since I was able to use the new adhesive stencils. Have you used these!? Oh my goodness. The adhesive helps so much with any potential paint leakage, and prevents the stencil from moving around while painting. These were MADE for people like me!

Flamingo DIY Stencil Drinking Tray

To get started, we used the following:

• White platter/tray

• Martha Stewart Crafts® Soft Gel Watercolor Paint, Pink Dahlia color

• Martha Stewart Crafts® large stencil brush set

• Martha Stewart Crafts® Adhesive Laser-Cut Stencil

• Painter’s tape

• Paper towel

• Paper plate

Martha Stewart Paint for the drink tray

Peel the stencil from the adhesive paper, and place the stencil where you’d like it on the tray. We preferred it centered on ours.

Flamingo stencils from Martha Stewart DIY crafts

Next, disburse a small amount of paint (a small amount will go a long way) on to a paper plate.

Pink paint for flamingo drink serving tray

We taped our paper plate to the surface so the wind wouldn’t blow it away while crafting outside.

Push the paint up in the brush for the stencil. Martha Stewart Paints

Dab the stencil brush gently into the paint, and blot it on a paper towel, twirling in a circular motion, pushing the paint up into the stencil brush.

Flamingo DIY Drink Serving Tray: Martha Stewart Paints

Next, dab the brush onto the stencil, covering the stencil cut-out. Repeat the process until your craft has reached the desired look.

Pink stencils for drink serving tray using Martha Stewart paint

Flamingo DIY Stencil Drinking Tray using Martha Stewart Paint for DIY Projects

When you’ve finished painting the stencil cut-out, remove the stencil very carefully.

Pink stencils for DIY flamingo drink tray

DIY Drink Serving Tray - Pink Flamingos

When the paint dries, it’s ready to use!

NOTE: Paint is not dishwasher or food safe!

Drink Serving Tray made with Martha Stewart Paint

Drink Serving Tray made with Martha Stewart Paint. Such a cute DIY

Flamingo DIY Drink Serving Tray using Martha Stewart paints

After crafting, the boys took a break from playing in the bubbles and mud, and thought they needed to partake in my little lemonade party.

Kiddo drinking lemonade

Martha Stewart Crafts® Line at Michaels

You can find all of the Martha Stewart Crafts® at Michaels.com, that I used on this DIY project here:

Pink Dahlia Martha Stewart Crafts® Watercolor Paint

Martha Stewart Crafts® Adhesive Laser-Cut Stencil, Flamingo

Martha Stewart Crafts® Stencil Brush Set, Large

Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming by! I’d LOVE to hear what you plan to stencil on your drink serving tray! Let me know below in the comments!

Martha Stewart Paint

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