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Favorite Things Party: “In Bloom”

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Favorite Things Party: “In Bloom” | The ULTIMATE girls night party you have to host this year.

It’s come and gone, and the Favorite Things Party for 2016 is in the books. With a month of preparation, color coordinating, drink experimenting, and other pretty little details… the party turned out exactly like I had hoped.

Favorite Things Party “In Bloom”

Favorite Things Party - Summer Outdoor

The Invitation:

It all started with the “wow,” factor that I wanted to create this year. The invitation. If you missed the post highlighting how and what I hand-delivered to my guests this year, you can see all the pretty details here!

Favorite Things Party Invitation Ideas - Spring/Summer party Hand Delivered Boxed Invitation

The party was hosted in our backyard, and the way our home is laid out, I wanted the guests to know the best way to get to the back yard, without having to walk through the house. I thought if the chalkboard wouldn’t catch their attention, this humungo coral balloon would!

Favorite Things Party Welcome Sign Chalkboard Back yard party sign "See you around Back!"

Greenery: Hobby Lobby

The weather was absolutely perfect, and the sun started setting not long after the party began, so it created the most beautiful lighting!

The invite mentioned “Sweets & Sips,” and boy did we have an abundant supply of both. I believe the words “Sugar Coma,” were used a few times, at the end of the night.

Dessert Table Details

Favorite Things Party Ideas: Outdoor Girls Party

Coral, pink, peach dessert table ideas: Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party Chic, outdoor styling

Favorite Things Party Dessert Table: Coral Pink

Favorite Things Party Food Ideas

Favorite Things Party Sweet Dessert Ideas, dessert table

Favorite Things Party Flower decorating; decoration ideas

Early Party Planning Tip: If you find yourself “stuck,” in getting started with the party planning process, simply look for that one small detail that captures the way you want your party to look. (Like the flowers were for me.)

Then, use those flowers to match color schemes, send to your vendors, etc. It will make the planning process a lot easier and will reduce the amount of “mismatched,” craziness that can happen when the party details really get to flowing.

Flowers and Garland: I found all of my flowers & greenery garland: Hobby Lobby.

(If you’re planning a party like this, far enough in advance, keep your eye out for the weekly sales on flowers, and stock up when the time is right!)

Paper Flowers Backdrop; pink, coral, peach Favorite Things Party Ideas

Paper Flower Backdrop: I honestly couldn’t imagine this backdrop WITHOUT the paper flowers. They were the perfect touch, and really gave the back the “pop,” it needed. I ordered my paper flowers from Declare the Hope Project, a mother & daughter team, where 100% of the proceeds go to help children in Haiti.

Paper Flowers: Declare the Hope Project

White Backdrop: I found a shower curtain online at Houzz that captured EXACTLY what I was looking for. I attached this to photo backdrop poles, and my backdrop was set!

The Sweets:

Flower cupcakes; carnation & hydrangea pinks, peaches, coral "Favorite Things" Party

Flower Cupcakes: I couldn’t believe my eyes when Jenny with Cookies and Frosting, delivered my cupcakes. They were STUNNING, and exactly the “look,” that I was hoping they would have. She absolutely nailed it. Wait until you see what else she did for me…

Cupcakes: Cookies and Frosting

Flower Cake Pops: Pink and white for Favorite Things Party Dessert Table

Flower Cake Pops: If you’ve been around here a while, Sweet.Sassy cake pops are old news. I use her for every “cake pop,” needed event. When I sent her an example of what I wanted the cake pops to look like, she didn’t disappoint…

Cake Pops: Sweet.Sassy

Mini white chocolate pies, in cookie cups for the dessert table at the Favorite Things Party

Mini Chocolate Pies: Cookies and Frosting went ABOVE and beyond, to make the perfect little mini pies. I couldn’t believe how adorable and delicious they were!!

Mini Chocolate Pies with Cookie Cups: Cookies and Frosting

Raspberry Lemon Tarts - Pink Dessert Table Idea

Raspberry Lemon Tarts: Speaking of adorable and delicious… the little tarts were to die for on the table! Lemon just so happens to be my favorite dessert. Wait until you see the other goodies that came from Sarah’s Cake Shop…

Raspberry Lemon Tarts: Sarah’s Cake Shop

Mini Dessert Shots for party table; Favorite Things Party

Dessert Shots: Yes, these are tiramisu dessert shots. Words cannot DESCRIBE how much deliciousness was in one cup!

Dessert Shots: Sarah’s Cake Shop

Glitter Bites for pink, coral, peach dessert table idea. Favorite Things Party Summer Edition

Glitter Bites: I mean, the name of these sweet little gems were good enough to have on the dessert table. But when I tried one five, I realized I’ll never be the same.

Glitter Bites: Sarah’s Cake Shop

Gold glitter donuts for chic & classy dessert table; Favorite Things Party

Glitter Donuts: Two days before the party, I was browsing Pinterest and saw the cutest glitter donuts. I thought, “I can do that.” So we did. “We,” because I had a good friend help me with these the day of the party. I bought white-icing covered donuts, and then applied edible glitter to the top of the donuts after brushing the tops with a bit of water, to make the glitter “stick.”

Donuts: Purchased from a local grocery store, “Schnuck’s,” and decorated by Fantabulosity {That’s us!}

Mini cannoli's for party dessert table: sweets cocktail party for "Favorite Things Party"

Cannoli’s: I don’t know what it is, but for some reason when I host a “sweets,” bar, I always include cannoli’s. I believe it’s because they’re usually so color-neutral, that they’ll work on any style of table that I design.

Cannoli’s: Local Grocery Store, “Schnucks

Rainer Cherries for a pink & peach dessert table snack idea: Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Beverage Bar:

Drink Station for outdoor party "Favorite Things Party"

I’m not even going to admit the hours that were put in to “taste-testing,” the beverages for this party. More than it should have been, (I’m sooo not a bartender) but in the end… I couldn’t have been happier with the way they turned out. I wanted color-coordinated drinks, along with a good “mix,” of different tastes.

Bar Station for Outdoor Party: Drink Dispensers with white (yellow), coral, and pink drink ideas

Cocktails: We had one side of the table holding three signature cocktails.

Shop similar drink dispensers here: Drink Dispensers

White Cocktail Recipe here.

Coral Cocktail Recipe here.

Dark Pink Cocktail Recipe here.

Non Alcoholic Drink Ideas for outdoor party in batches, with garnishes

Mocktails: For the non-alcoholic side, I simply put cucumbers, min, and water in one dispenser, and pink lemonade with watermelon in the other dispenser! Easy easy.

Drink Garnishes for Summer Outdoor Party

Each glass had a garnish, associated with each drink choice. Either pineapple, rosemary sprig, or these super cute swizzle sticks from “My Paper Romance.”

Pink Drink Stirrer Ideas for outdoor summer party: Favorite Things Party

Peony Swizzle Sticks: I couldn’t BELIEVE how quick and awesome the communication was between the two of us. I messaged about the swizzle sticks, and they were literally shipped out within a day. Now THAT’S service.

Peony Swizzle Sticks | Drink Stirrers from Etsy

Outdoor Party Cocktail Table Ideas: Favorite Things Party in the Summer

Cocktail Tables: The wine barrels came in super handy for cocktail tables. The gals were able to gather around, and place their drinks down, before they headed over to the photo booth.

I rented the wine barrels from a local party rental store, but believe I have my hubby in to buying me a couple. They have SO many uses!

Photo Booth:

Outdoor Photo Booth Idea for Summer Party

It wasn’t your typical photo booth, and that was EXACTLY the way that I wanted it. Natural, flowey, and cheerful. My friend and I, tied the backdrop to the tree limbs with twine and clothespins, and then draped flower garlands over it, to tie in the flower theme.

Outdoor Photo Booth Idea

I snagged a chair from our living room, and it suddenly became the photo booth statement piece. Perfect for sitting, and posing!

"Shoot it, share it, hashtag it..." Photo booth idea for outdoor party

I saw the cutest photo booth sign on Pinterest, saying “Shoot it, Share it, Hashtag it,” and thought it was DARLING. So off I went and made a sign, that had the signature flowers from the invites and other party signs.

Look at these darling cuties…

Favorite Things Party Photo Booth

Favorite Things Gift Exchange:

Gift Exchange ideas for Favorite Things Party

When the gals arrived, I had them place their gifts on the table, and fill their names out on three different sheets of paper. This way, when it was time for the gift exchange, we would be all ready to exchange!

Surprise Gifts!!!

This year, I wanted to do a little something extra, and surprised the girls with gift giveaways! Don’t worry… they were small items, but I still wanted to giveaway something, to add a little more “fun,” to the mix…

Favorite Things Giveaway

I kind of yelled “GIVEAWAY,” in my Oprah voice. (Again… the cocktails.)

I just gave away small items like my favorite notepads, thank you cards, planners, coffee cups, cake stands, etc.)

I may or may not have something up my sleeve for bigger and better giveaways for next years Favorite Things Party! 😉

Party Favors:

Favorite Things Party Favor Ideas

Macaron Jar Favors: We found the CUTEST little jars at TomKat Studio’s shop, and I cut out the word “sweet,” with my Silhouette Machine, and applied it to each jar.

Favorite Things Party Favors Macarons, small bottles of liquor

"Sweet" Jars for Favorite Things Party Favors

Then, to add to the cuteness, I found Mila Sweets who made crazy-delicious macarons. She had the PERFECT color scheme to go right along with my party colors!

Macrons: Mila Sweets

Favorite Things Party Favor Liquor Bottles

Elderflower Liqueur Bottle Favors: On impulse, the day before the party, I found the most “fitting,” little elderflower liqueur bottles. They were glass, classy, and perfect. All of a sudden, we had a second party favor on the table. It was a “must.”


Favorite Things Party 2016-12 Favorite Things Party 2016-63 Favorite Things Party 2016-61 Favorite Things Party 2016-59

I wanted this year to be the best yet. But I must say, with the 3rd “Favorite Things,” party in the books, there’s one thing that remains the same, every…stinking…time:

The girls.  When you get your closest group of gal pals together for a night of unwinding, getting pretty, and spending time together…

it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Favorite Things Party Host

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10 thoughts on “Favorite Things Party: “In Bloom”

  1. Laura says:

    I just LOVE everything about this party!! The details are over the top and so beautiful!!! Amazing job!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you Laura!! That means a lot! Wish you could come to one sometime!

  2. Chandice says:

    Looks like so much fun!! Great job on everything doll!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much Chandice!! XO

  3. Beth says:

    really pretty, what was the party for? favorite sweet things?
    Several of the links to the drink recipes don’t work. I’m curious why you linked to pin instead of the websites for the recipes.

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you Beth! I host a “Favorite Things Party,” every year where we all bring 3 of our favorite things and gift them to others.
      I linked to the pins, because I found them on Pinterest, and wanted everyone to be able to “pin,” them for later, easily, as well as go to the websites that they recipes were on. Easy for the reader, and double exposure for the creator of the recipe(s).

  4. Millie says:

    Amazing Jessica! Every detail is so special. You are absolutely the best party planner I know!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much Millie! So hope you can come to one sometime!!! XO

  5. Colleen says:

    How many people do you usually invite to your Fave Things party? Do you invite many knowing people won’t be able to come and aim for a certain final number or do you limit the number you invite too?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Colleen! It varied from year to year really. (I haven’t hosted a Favorite Things in a couple of years.) But some years I invited just a few for a more intimate setting, and then another year I invited with a “the more the merrier” approach! With favorite things (as far as gifts) it didn’t really matter how many attending since we all brought gifts so there would be enough for everyone!
      I do ask for RSVP though to have a better idea of how many will be there, and then I aim for who I think will still show up even if they don’t RSVP. Haha!
      But I tend to over-prepare (food and drink wise) because I’d rather have leftovers, than fall short! I hope that makes sense and helps!

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