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Teacher Survival Kit & FREE Printable

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My kiddo will be starting his second year of preschool this year, and we are BOTH looking so forward to it. He loves going, and I love it for him for a couple of reasons:

•  I love it, becaues HE loves it

• He’s making friends and being social

• I get to have one on one time with my youngest for a few hours a day

Although he only goes for only a few hours, his teacher plays HUGE part in his life. So I wanted to tell her “thank you,” and help her survive the school year with a little treat.

Teacher Survival Kit

Teacher Survival Kit - Teacher Gift Idea https://fantabulosity.com

I’ve heard before that teachers are overwhelmed with homemade gifts every year. The DIY coffee mugs, framed art made out of crayons, homemade cookies, etc. always seem to be an abundant supply.

 So I wanted to create something that the teacher could put to good use. I hear a lot that teachers spend a lot of their own money on school supplies, and I wanted to help ease the pain.

What’s Included:

• Desk Organizer {to hold everything}

• Scissors

•  Small Notebook

• Notepads

• Hole Punch

• Stickers

• Glue Stick

• Hand Sanitizer

• Highlighters

• Dry Erase Markers

• Tape

• White Out

• Pens

• Pencils

• Gift Card to an Office Supply Store

• Head Ache Medicine

My favorite… M&M’s® Crispy
{Every teacher needs a little snack, and a package of the Crispy M&M’s are under 200 calories, so she won’t be sacrificing the sweet craving.} 🙂

Now… the beauty of this teacher survival kit, is that you can totally downsize this gift if you need to.  Please understand my little guy is in preschool, so he has ONE teacher. I know that when kiddos start elementary school, they’ll have their primary teacher, music teacher, art teacher, P.E. teacher, etc.

Downsizing this same gift is so easy to do!  Grab a small little basket, and only put 3-4 goodies in it, and it’s STILL the cutest…useful gift!

Another money saving idea: You can also head to your dollar store, and grab the gift goodies more affordably, than probably an office supply store.

TIPAny time I create a “gift basket,” type gift… I try to take as many things out of the package as possible. Big, bulky packaging can really take away for the contents inside of the gift.
{Now here… leave those M&M’s® Crispy in the package, so the teacher can see that one package only has 180 calories. 😉 }

Teacher Survival Kit - Teacher Gift Idea https://fantabulosity.com

Free Printable – Teacher Survival Kit

As you know, I wouldn’t create a printable, and not share it with you! Besides, I’m here to make your life a little easier… right? 😉

Download the “Teacher Survival Kit,” printable here —-> Teacher Survival Kit

Teacher Survival Kit - Teacher Gift Idea https://fantabulosity.com

Make sure you ‘”scale,” it down to the size you need. With the setting I have it on, it will use a whole 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper

I asked you all for feedback on my Facebook page, and I LOVED all of the teacher gift ideas! I couldn’t believe all of the creative and fun tips that you had. You all are brilliant, and that’s just ONE of the many reasons that I adore you all!

 Until next time,

and happy school year…


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