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Home Tour Part 19 – Breakfast Nook

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Craftsman Home Tour Part 19 – Breakfast Nook: It’s possibly the most used room of our home, and where we gather for meals no matter what time of day.

I’ll be honest. I can’t even believe we’ve lived in this house for almost 4 years now. We usually have a track record of moving once a year or so, but for some reason we’ve grounded ourself in this home longer than usual.

If this is your first time here, visiting a part of our home tour, you can see the other rooms HERE.

Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Home Tour Part 19 – Breakfast Nook

But can I be even more honest? We’re getting the “bug,” and I’ve noticed the talk of “moving” popping up in our conversations more and more lately. I really really really want to live in a small home again. Four houses ago, we lived in a small craftsman style home, and I fell in love with it. No matter what room we were in, I still felt connected to other family members because they were close by. The bigger the house, the more space family members have to run and hide. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our home now. But the idea of living in a small home again really tickles my fancy.

So we shall see. You never know what will happen around here. But no matter what, a goal I’ve had was to get this breakfast nook DONE. It took me so long to get it to a point of “done” because we were using a pub style table for so long here in this space, and it was on it’s last leg… literally.
It had seen better days, and I had always wanted a table like the one we have now. But getting rid of a dining table, just to get rid of it…seemed silly. So we waited and waited and then one day, decided it was time.

Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

The Table

I found this table, and the tall end chairs at World Market HERE.

I absolutely love it. When it arrived, we had to attached the legs to the table, but that was it! It’s sturdy and I great for the kids to sit/eat at, because it has a “worn” look to it, so it’s forgiving if something happens cosmetically, to it.

Breakfast area and brown table with metal chairs - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Brown Farmhouse chairs Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Metal Tub Chairs

I bought the metal tub chairs from Target HERE,  and they work perfectly with this table. A great height, and they slide in just enough to get out of the way, but still stick out to show side chairs.

Metal tub chairs - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home


I couldn’t decide which centerpiece to have on the table when I took the photos of the breakfast nook, because I change this decor out at least once a month. I’m a sucker for seasonal flowers in a white pitcher, or incorporating holiday decor in this space. But I adore how white cotton stems really help pop the other white accents in the room, so I chose this one for now!

I’m often asked where I find white cotton stems like these, and I’ve found some here!

Cotton stems centerpiece - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Gather Modern Farmhouse sign - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

DIY Gather Sign

I stared at the space between the two windows for the four years that we’ve lived here. Then, after seeing all of the adorable signs floating around on Pinterest, I finally decided I wanted a sign that said “Gather” right here in this space. We gather in this room at least 3 times a day, every day… for eating, crafting, and visiting. So “GATHER,” just seemed appropriate. (We save the formal/fancier dinners and gatherings for the formal dining room that you can see here.)

Don’t worry, the DIY tutorial is coming very soon on how to make this sign (or a sign saying whatever you’d want it to say) very soon!

GATHER sign - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Cake, for Breakfast

If you’ve taken a peek at any of our parties on the blog, then this space in the breakfast nook may look super familiar. We style a lot of parties right here because of the abundance of natural light in photographs, and this adorable little table is perfect for a buffet party spread.

Eat cake for breakfast - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

When we’re not styling a party, I keep a few favorite items on display on this little table. I found this “Eat Cake for Breakfast” sign at Hobby Lobby.

Cake stand - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Cake Stand

My Martha Stewart Cake stand is one of my FAVORITES. The scallop detail and the glass dome make me all giddy inside each time I look at it. So, instead of pushing this in the cabinet with the rest, I wanted this one on display ALL of the time.

Fake cake - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

gold silverware - Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home


I love having this gold silverware on display to add a little pop of gold to any space. You can find my gold silverware here.  I’ve stacked my white dinner plates from Target, along with fabric napkins that match whatever season we’re in.

Breakfast Nook - Modern Farmhouse Craftsman Home

Thank you SO much for popping over to see part 18 of our home tour: the breakfast nook. If you’re on the hunt for more craftsman style home ideas, or even modern-craftsman decorating idea, take a peek at some of the other rooms in our home to see if any spark your interest!

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