Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room
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Home Tour Part 15 – The Living Room

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Do you feel that? The ground shaking?? That’s me, because I’m doing backflips over here with excitement!

The Living Room area of my home tour, is finally complete!
(Well, at least to a point where I feel satisfied enough to show it to you now.) 😉

Home Tour Part 15 – The Living Room

If you’ve followed the home tour from the very beginning, you know by now that I had to get a bit creative and design my style around my husbands style. (And by that I mean, he has TWO “elk,” mounts in our home. Yes, I said, “elk.”)

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

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I’ve kept the theme in the majority of the house, a “modern-craftsman,” look… which has resulted in a lot of browns, whites, grays, blacks, and pops of green. And lanterns… I heart lanterns…

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Oh how I’ve always wanted a fireplace in one of our hundreds of homes we’ve lived in. There’s something about that first cold day of the year, when “building a fire,” (aka, pushing the “on,” button), and you feel the warmth hit you.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

But I have to say, the thing I love most about a having a fireplace, is decorating the mantle. A place to hang Christmas stockings, and change up the decor for every season. When there’s not a season, “near,” I usually have it decorated with my “go-to,” neutral colors.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

I happened across these cotton plant stems the other day, and KNEW they had to go on my mantle. I love that “pop,” of white, against the dark stone.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

I have a bit of an obsession with big, fuzzy, furry, blankets. Just looking at them, make you feel all cozy-like. I stuffed one in a felt basket, and it made the cozy fireplace look even more “cozy.”

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

My sisters will possibly laugh at this next photo. Frankly because, they know my obsession with clocks. The girls in my family all went on a shopping trip a few months ago, and they really saw my clock obsession “shine,” when I packed 5 clocks in to the back of my SUV after leaving the store.
Oh and boxwood plants… I can’t get enough of boxwood plants.

So moral: Clocks, Boxwood Plants, and Lanterns… complete me.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Adding small pillows to each “sitting,” piece of furniture in your house can add that extra “pop,” of color and contrast that you’ll need. Even if it is just a subtle color contrast like below. {White and gray}  It helps make the area not look so plain-jane, and really ties in it’s surroundings.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

You ready for the big surprise of my whole living room tour?????

Do you see that BEAUTIFUL thing sitting there? I am BEYOND excited to show you my new sectional from Big Lots. Yes! Big Lots! I had no idea that they had furniture, let alone stunning, affordable, and “quality,” type of furniture! My friends & family are flabbergasted when I tell them how much it cost, and where I found it. Needless to say, my friends & family members now know where they’re going to look first when it comes to needing furniture in their own homes.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

From the moment I walked in to the store, I KNEW it was the sectional that I wanted. I immediately fell in love. It was like it was calling out,

Oh Jessica … come here! I’m right over here! 😉

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Here it is, up close and personal. It’s as cushy and comfy as it looks… promise.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

So do you see that longer part there on the right? Oh yes… I laid on that the minute I got it in my living room. I may or may not have caught a little shut-eye on that corner of the couch. 😉

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

I’ve had the pillows FOR-evah, but that’s the beauty of decorating with neutral colors. I was able to use the pillows I had on hand to spice things up a bit.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Oh yes, there it is. The special “touch,” of my husband in the room. The elk. From this angle it doesn’t look like a “huge,” accessory… but trust me… it is.
My little guy had to put a little special touch in the room too, with his Superman cape. 😉

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

The high ceilings in our house make the rooms feel so much bigger than they are. Until we had them, I didn’t realize how much I loved them.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

I wanted to capture the whole room for you, because sometimes only seeing bits and pieces of areas… can be hard to put together. You’ll see the hallway and foyer entrance off to the right.

My wall gallery features a family photo, and favorite images and sayings of our family. I created a post a while back of my wall gallery, giving you an up-close and personal look.

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Even the back view of my new sectional is appealing… which is good for an open floor plan like we have!

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Want a peek at the before??? Oh mylanta … my youngest had a hay-day, creating a “slide,” on that plastic covering on the new sectional. 🙂

Fantabulosity Home Tour Part 15 - The Living Room

Thank you so much for joining me on my living room home tour! If you’re here for the first time, you can see the entire home tour here: Fantabulosity Home Tour

End Note: Furniture shopping can be a drag. Visiting store after store, making a huge decision on something can be draining. I really really recommend stopping at Big Lots first. The customer service was incredible {I didn’t have that “pushy” car salesman approach from the employees that I’ll typically feel in furniture stores… just so they can collect their commission and go home. It was like they were there solely to help make my purchase, an easy one.}

Keep in mind, even if you adore my sectional, styles and assortment vary by store. 

I seriously almost peed my pants when I watched this YouTube video of these women and their reaction. It’s sooo me and my friends:

Good luck in your furniture shopping, and I hope you find the furniture jackpot like I did!

Let me know below what your biggest struggle in decorating your living room is, and maybe I can help. Make sure you check out Big Lots too for home decor goodies. They have more than just furniture for the home!

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Until next time,

Living Room Home Tour

6 thoughts on “Home Tour Part 15 – The Living Room

  1. I absolutely love your gorgeous living room and I want you to come style my house now too. 🙂 #client

    1. Jessica says:

      Awwww, thank you so much Summer! I’d do it in a heartbeat. 😉

  2. Tammi says:

    I was wondering what plan you used? Your house and room sizes look exactly like what I’m interested in building!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Tammi! We actually had the plans drawn up by Mark Hovis Designs. You can find him at, and he may be able to send you a copy! 🙂 I hope that helps! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the home tour! Stay tuned, because I’ll be doing a “video,” tour soon! XO

  3. Therese Chase says:

    Hi Jessica! We are building a home very soon and I LOVE referencing your blog. I saw that one of your interior paint colors is Pavestone Grey by Shirwinn Williams. Did you use this color for most walls? Do you ever feel like it’s too dark? Thanks in advance!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Therese! Thank you for following and referencing the blog! How fun! Yep, we used that color on every wall. I love it! I don’t ever feel that it’s too dark, at all. However we popped the walls with large bright white trim, so that may make a difference too! I hope that helps!

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