Big Boy Bedroom Ideas
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Home Tour – Part 11, Big Boy Bedroom

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Yeah, I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but I’m finally adding another room to our home tour, after about a year of no home tour updates at all.

I’m one of those, “perfectionist’s,” you know… that never feels like something is ready to reveal, because there’s always something else I could add? So I wait & wait, until I think it’s ok to finally take photos, only to realize that it will NEVER be “done.”

When we moved in to our new home, I was due to have baby #2 in 2 weeks. {Yes, we are crazy people.}

I had struggled with deciding on whether or not to move my then, 2 year old, in to a big boy bed, or a toddler bed. After thinking it over, I realized that I didn’t want to buy a toddler bed that he would just grow out of within a couple of years, and go ahead and go for the big boy bed. {We bought a Queen}

So how did I keep him from falling out? I bought bed rails, like these: Bed Rails, and they worked like a charm!

Big Boy Bedroom

I snagged this adorable dinosaur comforter at Target a few months back, and I’m in LOVE with it. It has the look of a quilt, and I can wash it and wash it, and it still looks fabulous.

I even got the cute little dinosaur stuffed animal there to go with it. Eeeek.

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

I purchased the little green square pillows a while back, from Etsy. I just love how cute and petite they are. 

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

As you can tell, I don’t really like to go with a certain “theme,” for my kids bedrooms. They’re tastes change so much, so I just like to go with a color scheme and keep it simple.

I grabbed this 3-Photo collage from Home Goods a looong time ago. Home Goods is the “jackpot,” when it comes to needing decor for your home. Reasonable, and in-style decor.

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

We keep a lamp and a few photos on the little guys nightstand, and you can almost count on there being a train or two hangin’ out there at night before bed.

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

Oh yes, the fish. We HAD to get the fish that day we visited the pet store. But I’m sure you can guess who feeds it ever day. Yes, me.

The letter “G” was purchased from, {already painted} and all I had to do was hang it up. LOVE LOVE LOVE Craft Cuts. The other little art images were from Target last year.

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

I remember seeings someone take unfinished spice racks from Ikea, and turn them in to book shelves. I thought it was sooo creative, and I had to do it.

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

Having a little reading nook in the corner of his room, is one of my favorites. It completely melts my heart when I walk in and see him or his brother sitting in the recliner, reading a short story.

Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

I just recently found this train print at Hobby Lobby. It was a definite “must-have,” when I saw it. He is quite obsessed with trains, and the blue went right along with the color scheme of the room. Score!
Big Boy Bedroom Ideas

 I must say, my {almost 4 year old} loves hanging out in his room. He’ll stare at his fish, read a book, or jump on the bed. You know.. .typical boy stuff. 🙂

I’m so glad that I was finally able to share another room from the home tour with you. I still have more rooms to show you, but as always… they’re not near ready yet. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Home Tour – Part 11, Big Boy Bedroom

  1. Oh I love the colors! It looks so good! Great job! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Jenni says:

    I love the colors! What a cute room!

    I just hung up spice racks in my daughter’s room too! Whoever came up with that idea is a genius! lol

  3. Heather D says:

    This room is adorable! Can you share the paint color of the walls?

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you Heather! You bet! It’s called Pavestone from Sherwin Williams!

      1. Heather D says:

        Thanks Jessica!

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