Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom
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Home Tour – Part 14: The Guest Bedroom

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Welcome to part 14 of our home tour! If you missed the rest of the tour, you can start from the beginning, here, or you can jump to each room with think links at the bottom of this post!

The Guest Bedroom Tour

Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

So I’m not completely sure what you’d call this theme. To be honest, I’ve been holding out for a white duvet cover, and looking for different decor for the desk.

But… I got tired of waiting, and decided to share the guest bedroom with you anyway.

I have a bit of “vintage,” going on, nautical {which is only because I still have the blue and white duvet on}, rustic, and modern. So it’s a mumble-jumble of decor… but it kinda works. Right?

Let’s head in and take a look…

Side Note: Forgive the “darkness,” of the room… which is FABULOUS for sleeping. For photos… not so much. 🙂
Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

The world art came from the Target clearance isle this Summer, and I scored it for only $10!

I found the little ships on Amazon, and used them in my son’s nautical birthday party this Summer, and needed a place to put them. The guest room was the drop-zone.

Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

I’m super fond of this desk that I purchased from Target. I use it as a dessert table for my parties, and slide it back in to the guest room when I’m finished. Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

This chair also came from Target. I think Target is the best place to get these little side chairs that are fun to look at. They seem to be more affordable than other chairs I have found, and they look fabulous in a room. But if you’re planning on the chair being put to a lot of use… you may want to be a little cautious. I’m having to tighten the legs on these quite a bit. {But that may be my carpenter skillz…}

Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

 I hit up the ole Hobby Lobby, and scored more of the “adventure,” themed decor that I used in my son’s nursery.

Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

I wanted to throw a little “manliness,” in to the room for the men that may stay over. I thought this “deer,” art may make some of them feel right at home. 🙂  I also purchased this from Hobby Lobby. I {heart} Hobby Lobby.
Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

I’ve had the nightstands forEVAH. They came from IKEA, and have fit in perfectly. They were sooo cheap & I totally recommend them. The lamp… well… I’ve also had those for years, and want to change them out horribly. But I haven’t found “THE,” right lamps yet, you know?

Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

It wasn’t until writing this post, that I realized just how much I used in this room from Target.

The headboard came from Target, and I can’t COUNT the compliments that I have received on it. It’s more of a “cream white,” color… even though Target’s site said, “White,” when I purchased it. I was a tad disappointed when it came in, but when I put the cream white chair in the room, it all tied together and worked fab.

The duvet cover, came from Bobby Berk , which I had never purchased from before.. but glad that I did. I LOVE the feel and quality of the material.

The sheets are a gray and white chevron print that I picked up at Kohls, and quite possibly my favorite purchase of the room. They were SOOO affordable, and feel so good to sleep on. I may, or may not go take a nap on them once in a while, just because.

Fantabulosity's Home Tour Part 14- The Guest Bedroom

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the guest bedroom tour. For now… I think I’ll go take a nap on the bed. I’ve stared at the photos too long, to keep my eyes open any longer. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Home Tour – Part 14: The Guest Bedroom

  1. Catana says:

    Theme could be “Sailing Away With My Big Buck Darling” 🙂 lol

    1. Jessica says:

      Ahahahahaha!! Yess!!! Perfect! 🙂

      1. Jen Burcham says:

        Jessica, I sense a travel/ around the world theme going on. Very nice. If you like modern and whimsical, check out Jonathan Adler and Trina Turk Home. One of my Palm Springs favs is local guy Christopher Kennedy.

        1. Jessica says:

          Thank you!!! I’ll totally go check him out! Thank you for the info!

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